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Banking Finance Interview Questions
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What is GDP???

Satyam, State Bank Of India SBI,

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ON BSE,some shares are listed as EQ and some as BE,wat does it mean?

Capital IQ,

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name of cos. listend in sensex ?


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How the price of a stock is calculated in Indian stock market (NSE or BSE)?


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What is EBIDTA?

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what is entry load? what is exit load?

Capital IQ,

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what is swaps?

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if u have any doubts in finance, i will refer in books and send the answers.........friendsss

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what is sensex and what is nifty?

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how ratio analysis can help to the company.

HDIL, Infosys,

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I am studing in MEB(MBA+IT), In our course there is no specialation and I want to go in finance, in june-july i am going to do intersip program so what would i do to make arrengement for my summer training


How one can get success in marketing job ????

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What is Open-Interest and how can we calculate it?????

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what is minority interest?

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Why do you want to do MBA? Why didn't you go for C.A.?


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I am going to complete my MBA and I am selected in a clerk exam, I know i can do much better like after how many years I will get a growth If I join Sbi as a clerk. Like after How much time I will become officer


What are Basel norms in context of Banking?


Hi to all Q: how you will evaluate yourself in excel if any the range one is worst and five is excellent. Mail if you know the answer to


Tell me something about dhfl


What is 'primary deficit'?


What is 'cheap money'?


Explain About Openpages Model Risk Governance?


What is PIN?


What is depreciation and devaluation of currency?


Is California Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (reorganization) Right For Me?


What is gross profit ratio? What does it indicate?


Do you know anything about Electronic Development Fund?


What are preference shares? What are their features?


What are the functions of NABARD?


Are you willing to relocate and work at flexible working hours?