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Aeronautical Engineering Interview Questions
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Why Many International Students Are Adopting Associate Degree Programs?


Whow works the jet engine plz explain????????????


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In an airframe assembly,whats the use of STRESS ANALYSIS being conducted on newly designed component or modified component...?

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Whats the principle of Aircraft's working in every GAG cycle (GROUND-AIR-GROUND)..


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Is IC engines available (Other than GT's)in aircrafts

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hi iam kishore i completed 3rd-2sem year , i have only 50 credits will i be promoted to 4th year and according to jntu new rules how many credits do i need to get in to 4th year . please let me know as soon as possible. thankyou \

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if you have valve with a fluid flow at a given psi, what is the stress to the valve?


If you have a fuel valve with a pressure applied, what is the stress to the open and closed valve?


skrtch and discuss an optical pyrometer. hoe is its accuracy improved? also state why this instrument cannot be used in temperture control system.



hi friends iam electrical engineer ,iam interesting to know about the, working principle of aeroplane ,so anybody please refer me the apt book or websites for learn about it

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1)what distance should be maintained between networking (data) cable & power cable if both cables are run in a seperate condute pipe parallaly? 2)what happnes if networking cable & power cable run parallel to each other, eventhough they run in a seperate condute pipes?

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how can u define testing and troubleshooting


how the shockwave produced in aerofoil,and actually what happen that region? i want deep explaination

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how many seats r there in chemical eng. in iit through gate



can a corbondioxide gas use as fuel source

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Un-Answered Questions { Aeronautical Engineering }

What are the different lift augmentation devices present?


Does the knowledge of mathematics of science is required to get into aerospace engineering?


What are the three tactical elements of electronic warfare?


At high frequencies, what is the type of noise that becomes of great importance. Explain the use of a delayed ECG?


What are the differences between incompressible and compressible flows?


You are about to take off the plane in few seconds and a catastrophic engine fails, and your captain tells you not to take off and just stay in the center line. What would you do?


What are the different steps in the conceptual design of a commercialpassenger aircraft? Discuss the reasoning behind the order of steps.


What are the characteristics that keep solid and fluid different?


What is ditching?


what is Air Turbulence?


How important is to get the passengers switch off the mobile phones and laptops during land off? What could be the consequences?


Explain what made you choose aerospace engineer line as your career?


Without air traffic control, what is the minimum descent rate you can descend the plane?


What is the main source of power in aircraft?


What is Isolation Efficiency?