Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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safety of centeral chiller plant


What are mechanical safeties in DG sets?

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What are mechanical safeties in Chiller(i.e Compressure)?


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TATA, Ford,

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As a foreign applicant, what do you understand about our company before sending your application CV for consideration?



give the sample format of boq plumbing materials


Why start up vent is fully kept open when boiler is lighted up?

Thermax, Isgec,

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The shear modulus of most materials with respect to modulus of elasticity is less than half why?


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Why air is not used to run the turbine?


Why air is not used to run the turbine?

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difference between a tower and vessel

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low of heat transfer

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how can a turbo charger work in systemic concept?

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Hi all, I am an Mechanical engineer, 2010 pass out, working as a HVAC design Engineer from past 2 years and I am getting pay of 2.5 lpa. I accidentally applied for SBI clerical post and I got selected, I am in a dilemma as to which to choose

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what is the diffrence between pelton and kaplan turbine

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hi this is ravi , i was short listed in hal assistant engineer, now im going for interview can anybody help how is the interview for mechanical stream very urgent if anybody knows forward to me my mail id


why are using ahu?


Critical speed of turbine means the natural frequency and resonance frequency are matching and cause for vibration and noise. which is the natural frequency. how it reflect in vibration.


please send jindal steel and power model question papers


I want to know flow rate,max pressure drop,heat load,design pressure,test presurre,temp both inlet and outlet of coldside and hot side of 1,2,3,5,5.5,7.5,10,12,15 tons


sir/ madam i m apearing to rrb bhubaneswar for entrans exam please i want a help to get thruogh this


Is the unit and normal value fuel ratio of an average diesel engine?


send me tech quesions please to


sirplz send me nhpc techanical questions paper.


what is the relation between pressure&veloscity? give me one practical example?


please inform about the date of exam of hpcl for fresh engineers recruitment in mechanical stream?


Interview question paper


Heat a vessel with water inside and cool it under tap suddenly. Now when we try to open it...It does not open easily ...why?


How can be calculate discharge of id fan. impeller dia-800 mm,motor capacity 10 hp 2800 rpm,blower opening section 230*130 mm


Hello sir, I am Rajaram. I have finished DME (Diploma in Mechanical Engineering). I would like to attend BHEL supervisor examination. So i want which type of questions can i prepare. & give previous supervisor examinations questions. Reply my mail (