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SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) Interview Questions
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When no storage location is specified for picking in order item, what happens?

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What are the transactions available to create a transfer order for moving partial stocks within a warehouse?

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How do you check various menu structure of extended warehouse management system?

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What is slotting process in ewm? What are different parameters used in slotting?

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What is the use of activity areas in storage bin?

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What are the structure elements in a warehouse management?

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Where do you manage packaging specifications?

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What do you understand by denial scenario in outbound delivery system?


What do you understand by stock removal strategy?

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How sap ewm is different from sap warehouse management?

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Why do you use physical inventor in sap ewm?

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What is a storage section? Provide examples of storage section?

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What is replenishment in sap ewm?

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What are the key features in sap warehouse management?


What is the use of rf framework in ewm system? What are the functions that can be performed using rf framework?

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What is expected good receipts?


What are the different organizational units in warehouse management?


Explain sap extended warehouse management ewm?


Can you tell me what all documents get created during gr entry in wm process.


Do you have storage locations, which are not relevant for warehouse management?


When do you use denial scenario in outbound delivery in ewm system?


What do you understand by denial scenario in outbound delivery system?


What is work center in a warehouse?


How can you create a work center for packing in sap ewm system?


What is automatic and direct replenishment?


What are value added services in warehouse management?


What the different types are of cross docking?


How sap erp system communicates with extended warehouse management or cm with apo system?


How do you inform employees about the work that they have to do as part of delivery and packing specifications?


What are common control fields in replenishment?