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BlackBerry OS Interview Questions
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How to Recover a Dead BlackBerry?

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What do you know about BlackBerry 7?

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uppose I am trying to sign in to my BlackBerry Internet Service Account, but I am getting this error message: “The User ID and Password provided are invalid. Please re-enter your User ID and Password and try again.” What should I do?

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Where can we get additional troubleshooting help for a BlackBerry device?

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What makes BlackBerry 1 user friendly?

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Explain Blackberry technology?

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What is Blackberry OS(operating system)?

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What CPU used in Blackberry technology?

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Define BlackBerry enterprise server?

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Describe BlackBerry internet service?

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Tell me how synchronization takes place with Blackberry technology?

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List the features of Blackberry?

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What are the benefits for organizations by using Blackberry?

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What are the benefits for IT organizations by using Blackberry?

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What are the Email advantages of BlackBerry technology?

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Un-Answered Questions { BlackBerry OS }

Can we distribute web applications?


Explain how synchronization takes place with blackberry technology?


Explain blackberry internet service?


Can we distribute themes?


What is an application gateway?


What is the Domain Name System (DNS)? What are the advantages of it?


What is the use of igmp protocol?


What are the advantages of blackberry technology?


Explain the instant messaging advantages of blackberry technology?


What is ppp protocol? Explain ppp packet format.?


What is blackberry enterprise server?


Where should we save our app data to on the playbook? : Blackberry tablet os


Which OS versions does BlackBerry App World support?


What are switches? Explain the concepts of layer-3 switches?


tell us what you know about blackberry tablet os? : Blackberry tablet os