Windows Phone OS Interview Questions
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Tell me is it temporary that the control styles are included in App.xaml?

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I see applications using listbox that show scrollbar only on while scrolling. How can I detect that I am scrolling?

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How to dismiss the SIP programmatically?

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How to detect the resolution of my device?

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Tell me what happened to TopLevelNavigationService, it is not there on April CTP Refresh?

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How to save Silverlight UIElements into an image?

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How to save screen from an XNA app?

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How to get the geolocation data on a picture?


Tell me What are the supported codecs for video?

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What is Send to AP and who gets it?

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How to change language settings?

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How to enable/disable alerts?

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Tell me can I get weather for my location?

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How to edit location for weather?

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Tell me can I turn off some of my local papers?

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Explain how to save screen from an xna app?


Explain how to dismiss the sip programmatically?


Can I write multi-player games using wi-fi or blue tooth in the device.?


Are there apis to read rss/atom feeds?


Explain how to identify a device or a user?


Explain how to send suggestions on how to better the app to the ap?


Tell me are there canned mvvm "data behaviors" planned for wp7?


Explain how to detect if my application is exiting so I can save state?


What happens to isolatedstorage when app is uninstalled?


Will texttrimming property be available on textblock?


Explain how to deserialize json from a rest call?


Can not find phoneapplicationpage.fullscreen in april ctp?


Suppose have a very simple application that uses the applicationbar. The app bar shows one menu item when in portrait. However as the second image shows theapp bar displays now items in landscape mode. Is that by design or a bug?


Is wcf supported in windows phone?


Some images look different when synced to the device and read programmaticaly. Do decoders change these?