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Hi, I am preparing for the SAP HR certification. Is there anyone who can help me find resources , e.g. sample questions, to help me study and prepare? Thanks.

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hai i have completed in MCA iam searching job.i am interested in SAP.i like SAP(ABAP).so many cost in SAP ABAP so i panned to i have studied in SAP B1.SAP B1 is best or not.please tell me the quickly.

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I am a B.B.A (Hons) as a topper of RIMS rourlela, thand did my PGDCRM from Symi Pune.Now I want to go for PMP. Right now am working with IBM as a service management guy and supporting Tata Steel.Can you suggest that shall i go fpr PMP first ot ITIL foundation V2?


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I want to do a certification course on "corporate communication" let me know if anyone comeacross this


what kind of certification should i go for and from where for doing erp- sap in sd module.

SAP Labs,


I want to do a certification course on hacking, please tell me about those institutions which run such type of courses?

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I am B.Tech graduate ,with 1 year sales experience in consumer durables sales & last 3 years into banking industry . I am sales/relationship manager - Assets( lending) . please suggest which SAP module can suit my profile .

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how can we write this exam and what are its qualifications


I want take up LoadRunner Testing Certification. Can anyone send me material for that?


where in chennai does they provide certified telecom testing protocol testing courses?


Hi all, Can some one please send me the questions and material for the ISEB- Foundation level certification? Regards Kavitha.

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Can we have a Physical file without any member ? Please let me know

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How do we handle decimal data error in rpg ?


I am interested in doing QTP certification.Can u pls send me the details as to how to proceed with the same?Also can u pls send me the required study materials,question pattern and sample questions?My email id is


Look at the figure. The first number of each host is the IP address, the second number is the subnet mask, and the last number is the default gateway. What is the problem with the TCP/IP network?


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hi i done IBM AS/400 course .....i want to certification any one can information about that and material of soft copy for that....please its urgent


Where can I get LAtest qtp 2010 exam questions ?


how can get electrical supervisory competency certificate in state govt.


I am selected in divisional accountant. however i m already working as Assitant Programmer which is a Gazetted Post in group 'B'. Can You tell me whether I should join that one or should be in current. however grade pay of both is 4200. but promotion in AP job is very slow. can anybody advise me which one be better for me in both cases, in promotion and in society image


Does import of CRNO slit coils requires BIS certification ?


i want study matterials and syllabus for hpux 11i v3 based certification (hp0-a01) for HPUX system administration.


Hello friends please send me teradata materials dumps for teradata14 certification, else TD12. my email id is Thanks


Dear Sir/Madam, I have passed lic ado written exam and my interview on 29th sep. I belong to OBC and I dont have current non creamy- layer certificate but I applied and will get within a month as per the new policies of State Govt, i have caste certificate and non creamy layer certificate of 2002. Can I eligible for the selection, plz reply me on or call me 09158153313.


Hi Anyone kidnly assist with exam r dumps for powercenter architecture and administration i need to do the exam. forward to


Hi I am presently working as a Mainframe Developer. Parallelly I am willing to do some certifications in Mainframes. Could some one please advise me which is the best..


I am interested in doing QTP certification.Can u pls send me the details as to how to proceed with the same?Also can u pls send me the required study materials,question pattern and sample questions?My email id is


Pls help me to know about Teradata V2R6 certification...


iam selected for sbi comes in sc quota in pu i have 47.5% and 51% in degree in call letter they have asked for 55% in pu and 35% in degree i have applied on the basis of degree will my pu percentage be a problem. help me at contact @ 09448742352


Hi anybody have Juniper switching certification (JNCIA-EX) dumps coz i have an exam on this 30 july but i have nothing to read about the exam. if have then kindly email me ( I will be remain thankful.


Identify the class of IP addresses that will be used for an organization having a network of between 1000 to1500 computers. Explain your reasons for arriving at this solution. Design a sub netting system for the same organization described in upper . Each sub net should contain no more than 100 computers. Show the overall network using a diagram. Support your proposal with sound technical arguments.