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ETL Interview Questions
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Assume u have a 24CPU machine with 24GB RAM, suggest how u would like to configure Informatica ,like number of concurrent sessions, RAM requirements etc,max partitions that u would permit per mapping.


what is meant by drill through?(Mascot)

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what is pmrep command?


what happens if the info.server doesn't find the session parameter in the parameter file?

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Can u access a repository created in previous version of Informatica?


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Eliminating of duplicate records without using dynamic lookups

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what are Lookup caches options? Including persistent caches.

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Difference between flat files and relational sources?


what is session partitioning?


how to join two tables without using joiner transformation .advantages of joiner over lookup and vice versa.

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Identifying the bottlenecks in various components of Informatica and resolving them.


can Informatica be used as a cleansing tool? If yes, give examples of transformations that can implement a data cleansing routine.

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what is pmrep command?

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what happens if the info.server doesn't find the session parameter in the parameter file?

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Can u access a repository created in previous version of Informatica?


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What are the ETL Testing Operations?


When do we go for the tools in the market?


Define slowly changing dimensions (SCD)?


what are the production issues in datastage?


5. How many repositories can we create in Informatica? 6. What is surrogate key? 7. What is difference between Mapplet and reusable transformation? 8. What is aggregate awareness? 9. Explain reference cursor? 10. What are parallel querys and query hints? 11. DWH architecture? 12. What are cursors? 13. Advantages of de normalized data? 14. What is operational data source (ODS)? 15. What is meta data and system catalog? 16. What is factless fact schema? 17. What is confirmed dimension? 18. What is the capacity of power cube? 19. Difference between PowerPlay transformer and power play reports? 20. What is IQD file? 21. What is Cognos script editor? 22. What is difference macros and prompts? 23. What is power play plug in? 24. Which kind of index is preferred in DWH? 25. What is hash partition? 26. What is DTM session? 27. How can you define a transformation? What are different types of transformations in Informatica? 28. What is mapplet? 29. What is query panel? 30. What is a look up function? What is default transformation for the look up function? 31. What is difference between a connected look up and unconnected look up? 32. What is staging area? 33. What is data merging, data cleansing and sampling? 34. What is up date strategy and what are th options for update strategy? 35. OLAP architecture? 36. What is subject area? 37. Why do we use DSS database for OLAP tools?


how do u estimate the number of partitions that a mapping really requires? Is it dependent on the machine configuration?


What is grain of fact?


Informatica server and client are in different machines. You run the session from the server manager by specifying the source and target databases. It displays error . You are confident that everything is correct. Then why it is displaying the error?


Explain etl?


What is full load & incremental or refresh load?


how would u estimate the size of Aggregator transform data and index cache?


what do u do when DB time takes more?in sap bi


please tell me any easy ways of testing the Data warehouse project. In my project we are not using any tools for ETL. we are writing scripts in SCRIPTELLA. And we using Pentaho tool for Reporting How can i test all these. please tell me ASAP. thanks in adavance


Explain about round-robi?


how many steps are there in etl process?