Test Director Interview Questions
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What is Business Process?


What is the Purpose of Creating Child Requirement

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How do we write test cases for IVR(internet voice response).

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Explain about user authentication in TD related to OS?


How can we save the tests Executed in test lab?

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Which tool would be best for automation of DotNet?

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What is the main purpose to storing requirement in TD?

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how do you integrate Perl or shell automation scripts in TD?


how to map requirements with testcases in testdirector?

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Can we add user defined fields to Test Director?

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where are test cases stored in Test director?

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Explain about failure options in TD


How Many Types tab in Testdirector and explain it

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How to switch between two projects?

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Can I install Quality center in vista?

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how can we see all fields in test director


Is QC comes under functional testing or not?


how do u call data file and gui file in testdirector


Of course, Test Director has recapped as Quality Center. What is the main difference between 8.2 version and 9.2 version of Quality Center?


What is Test Director's API execution tool(VAPI)?


What is the Change management ?


Explain about user authentication in TD related to OS?


How many versions are there in Test Director.


How to map testcases with requirements in test lab?


can we connect qtp 8.2 version with test director 8.0 verion if how if not why 2)when test director 8.0 version released


What are the drawbacks of TD??


I installed TestDirector 7.6 on my PC which has windows media center edition. It was working fine in the begining. But now when I try to start it, I get the message, "cannot connect to databas. The data base version is older than 7.5, please update database". I am using MS Access as the database. Any help would be appreciated.


How can we split the tests in Test Director?


Explain about "Defect life cycle" in HP Quality Center ?


how many ways are there to copy test cases in test director