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Test Director Interview Questions
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What is Business Process?


What is the Purpose of Creating Child Requirement

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How do we write test cases for IVR(internet voice response).

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Explain about user authentication in TD related to OS?


How can we save the tests Executed in test lab?

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Which tool would be best for automation of DotNet?

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What is the main purpose to storing requirement in TD?

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how do you integrate Perl or shell automation scripts in TD?


how to map requirements with testcases in testdirector?

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Can we add user defined fields to Test Director?

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where are test cases stored in Test director?

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Explain about failure options in TD


How Many Types tab in Testdirector and explain it

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How to switch between two projects?

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Can I install Quality center in vista?

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how many ways are there to copy test cases in test director


How do you ensure that there are no duplication of bugs in Test Director?


Is QC comes under functional testing or not?


can we connect qtp 8.2 version with test director 8.0 verion if how if not why 2)when test director 8.0 version released


What is Test Builder?(Suma)


how do you integrate Perl or shell automation scripts in TD?


What is architecture?


Can we map the defects directly to the requirements (not thru the test cases) in the test director?


What is Test Director's API execution tool(VAPI)?


Hi All, Im currently getting to grips with the Document Generator in Test Director and have a query. We use TD to link requirements to test cases and I am attempting to produce a report which lists the requirement and the test case it is linked to. I cant see a way to do this as the test case link info resides on the Coverage page and it appears the only field available to display for requirements reports within document generator as those on the 'details' tab. Any tips?


How can you run automated test cases td (quality center 9.0) ?


What is the difference between winrunner and test director?


What is the purpose of (three)each view?


how will you do execution workflow, creat and modify test sets


What r the views in testdirector?