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Hi, My application is a web application which was developed by Java. In that application we have applets to do some operations. Is it possible to recognize applets using QTP? If yes, how? pls, help me this

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How can the functions inside DLL be called from QTP? i mean How can i use those functions(Inside DLL) in QTP

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I register user defined function in one test, I tried to call that function into other test. But that function not works in other test please give the direction for that.

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Is it possible to run qtp scripts in Test Director(Scripts are uploaded in Test director)???and also how to see the test results in test director???

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how to make connection to a remote mysql database in qtp any one can please provid eme deatail steps.

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What is action required by QTP if a popup message is coming in exsisting script and now it is not coming. The script is having code to deal with popup message now when we run the script now the popup i snot coming according to new build, instead of changing the code what we can do?


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What are the details steps to connect a remote mysql database in QTP


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How to capture data from images in QTP and produce them in Excel sheet ? please ans...


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Dis advantages of XML checkpoint ?



Can I record on netscape browser does it require any special settings ?

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Can I compare two DataBases using QTP ?

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What is the script for database check point, bitmapchek point, regular expression ?


How to capture the Check point Value into a variable?

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How can i use Output Check points in QTP

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How i can use and create Library functions in QTP and what is the proces .

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Diff b/w test scenario's and test Procedures?


Hi,Sudhanandareddy plz forword framework and ppts for QTP to me. This is my mail id: ranjith_99reddy@yahoo.co.in (your contact number also)


How to test background color and dynamic images during run time can you put the check point for moving objects?


in qtp if we record a object and we record the object using virtual wizard then by which way the object is recognized that means recorded


How do client side image and server side image work?


what type of values given to objects. EX::Set oBrowser=Description.Create oBrowser(“micclass”).Value=”Browser”


Hi all, I am using windows vista, I am in the process of learning QTP. When ever I try to work with insert mode in flight application , i am getting the error of 'Operation must use an update table query, fractional truncation(null) error. Can anyone help me regarding this?


How can i click on any Excel sheet's "H" column with out writing coordinates Ex:Window("Book1").WinObject("Book1").Click 498,14 I dont want to give coordinates like 498,14 Can i open "H" column by writing like Ex:Window("Book1").WinObject("Book1").Click "H" or Ex:Window("Book1").WinObject("Book1").Click "H","1" or Ex:Window("Book1").WinObject("Book1").Click H,1 If i want to click on "Sheet3" of an excel sheet, Can i open like Ex:Window("Book1").WinObject("Book1").Click "Sheet3" Please help me any one


regular expression in qtp standar check point for months from accepting months from january to december only


what type of framework u r using in ur organization


can u explain the keyword driven framework with an example clearly how to create all the files and how to attach to main test.


How to create scenario selector


I am a new tester that needs to create an automatic script involving security questions. On a webpage I need to select a security question(which are random) from a drop down menu, and then input the answer as the last word from the security question. I have the script set-up to automatically select the first security question from the drop down. The problem I am having is trying to insert the security answer. How do I insert the security answer based on the selection from the security question?


Hi Friendss..., can any body help me.. 1. Tell me your achievements(Technically)..? 2. Tell me your strengths(Technically) and weakness(Technical)..? 3. Why are you looking for change..?


How to Test the mainframe application?