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QTP Interview Questions
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can a Function return more than one value..??? if so please give me the code for that.

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How can we change(increase or decrease)the size of a array variable with out loosing the previous values

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When we use 'ERR' object to handle the exceptions in the script, do we need to include any statement in the beginning of the script..??

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Can you give me the code to calculate the total number of Links using the child object in the web page..? is there any other way to calculate number of links with out using the Child objects.??

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how can we call an external library file in QTP apart from using the Executefile statement..?? is there any other way we can call the external library file in QTP..??

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where the log files stored when using QTP? plz send answer to me ........

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whare exactly we have to use functions and sub routain


1.Qtp suppots Unix& linx or not 2why qtp suppots shell script.


write progamming connecting QTP to database sql? this is question asked by interview? pls any answer this?


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Hi iam shankar here, right now iam working on manual testing. i want to switch over automation tool qtp, right now iam taking training class outside on qtp, please let me know the cost of QTP tool for full version, wether it's an annual subscription or monthly subscription.


can u tell me the the cost of automation tool QTP ?

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hi i have one doubt i have 4 yrs exp in testing and iam working one mnc in north but i have completed my degree correspodene is the companies are accept in south side some people are tellig they won't agree but i need correct answer plz let me know which companies are taking and not taking thanks in advance

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In how may ways we can use checkpoints to an application using QTP?

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write progamming connecting QTP to database sql? this is question asked by interview? please give sql, pl/sql related answer?pls any answer this?


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How should i get name of the screen? Ex:There is a "submit" button.If i clicked on the submit button it opens a screen. I want that screen name.How can i get that screen name I dont have any property regarding that screen. If suppose we cliked on the screen , Then QTP captures the screen properties then i can get the screen name by using GETROPROPERTY But i want the screen name without clicking the screen. ("I am using the "settoproperty" for Second screen by using fist screen properties") Please tell me anyone


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How we can import data from database?


How will you handle java tree in qtp?


what is stepin & stepout?


Anybody plz give, How do you test aframe in a web page? If page cotain text message or Images, tables?


what is output value in QTP and how it can be used in automation testing


What kinds of security (firewalls, encryptions, passwords, etc.) will be required and what is it expected to do? How can it be tested?


What test cases can you automate using QTP?


How to record application running on the Virtual machine?


Can any one say what exact diff between test->parameters, action properties-> parameters. after defining the parameters in test->settings, how can we access those parameters.(i know how to use action prop parameters)


I want to know can we integrate visual source safe tool with QTP and QC for our version controlling process? WE know QTP and QC 10.0 version is having the version control inbuilt in it but I want to know the merits and demerits of the inbuilt version control tool and the visual source safe tool using QTP and QC.


Write a QTP script to enter a keyword in to Google search engine?


Hi, I have 2 dropdown listboxes called region and city/area. It needs to select one region(Santa Clara) and one city/Area (Sunnyvale).So I put this in the for loop and I am storing the Items in the variable called itemname. The regions value will get changed,so I used reg expression for this regions. This is my code Browser("").Page("").Link("» County/Area").Click Browser("").Page("").WebList ("regions").Check CheckPoint("regions") ListSize=Browser("").Page ("").WebList("regions").GetTOProperty("items count") For i = 1 To ListSize-1 Itemname =Browser("").Page ("").WebList("regions").GetItem(i+1) Browser("").Page("").WebList ("regions").Select Itemname ................. If I run the script,I am getting the following error, Cannot identify the specified item of the regions object. Confirm that the specified item is included in the object's item collection. Any Help? Thank you, Uma


When ‘option explicit’ keyword is used in qtp?


How do I lauch my test website using code from qtp in different environmet, uat and PPTE?


Explain the check points in quicktest professional?