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JavaScript Code Interview Questions
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write a program segment that will ask the user if he wants to computer the perimeter of the area of the triangle. if the perimeter is wanted, ask the measure of the three sides and compute for the perimeter. if the area is wanted, ask for the measures of the base and height and compute for the area. display the computed value

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i am making a purchase sheet in html ,it contain names of product(by selecting checkboxes),quantity(textbox) and price(checbox), by using java script i am restricting the user to prevent them to enter the wrong data ,so i made the servlet were i am only able to prevent them to enter the page in empty field , so my doubt is how do you prevent them how to enter non numerical data in quantity field


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how do i make the calculator work now

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write a code to generate pseudorandom numbes


how to Auto Scroll the page


function to combine two or more arrays


how to Scroll a DIV content


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how to transform XML Data into HTML


how to create a Draggable element


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I have a doubt regarding including tags in a function. I have written a function in javascript in a html page. The function got called by clicking a button, i want to display the results in same html page by placing tags in the function. (this hmtl page is static page) Is this possible? example: