Load Runner Interview Questions
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Hi Friends, Can anyone help me out in load testing? I need to test a web application in which 100 users has to login at a time and enter 100 different data into the application and logout. All the data should be saved in the data base Please let me know testing. Thanks in advance Giri

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how many performance test scripts have you written? what was the performance issues you had? what did you recommended to that issues? what kind of performance requirements did you have? how did you tune the system for performance? how did you ramped up the users? how did you find the bottlenecks of the system? did you find any coding issues and if yes what kinds of?

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Hello Friends, Can anyone please let me know about Performance testing health care EDI ( 270,271, 835 ect). I need as detailed answer as possible. I am going to use LoadRunner for load testing. I would really really really appreciate your help. Thanks, Piyush


Hi i have installed LR 8.0v on my system and wanted to test siebel web application. when i tried to record the application throught siebel web protocol, the launcher tries to connect to that URL but after some time the URL gives as Page Cannot Be Displayed, the same URL when we login manually it works fine. LR is not able to connect to the Application. What could be the reason?


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Pls can any body mail me "dks_sml@yahoo.com" regarding "How to monitor Unix Server" for performance testing , what are the commands in unix.How to add counters.

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Pls post me Load Runner Certification details


Parameterization need to be done when only one value need to be passed?


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How to correlate the server side data, when u r getting more than one dynamic data which keeps on suffel during replay?


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How often you do the load test in your current project?


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You test the scalability testing by apllying load more than the designed number of users. If you dont know the designed number of users then how you do the scalability test?



You do Scalability testing in Load testing or Stress testing?



What is Differed Bug?


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Case1: recording script, Login in Vuserinit,Body in Action and Logout in Vuserend. Case2: recording Login,Body and Logout in Action itself. Run both the scripts. What are the difference u will find? Is there any difference?


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What is Rendezvous point? When u apply this?


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How will you configure and analyse Memory leaks counters for .Net application.


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How can we invoke a parellel process in load runner using C or perl language?


what are the skip functions in Load Runner?


How to configure yahoo cookies in load runner?


how to add 100 for dynamic(correlate value) value


Hi all, I am having an interview on LoadRunner (SAP Web Protocol). I am wondering if somebody can help me with some interview questions at a 2 yr Scriptor level. Thanks and all answers are much appreciated.


In a web application transaction response time comprises of some sub times like time from web browser to web server thn to application server and then time taken to get response from the database and back to the web browser following the same path.How to get these sub times distinctly in LR analysis?


How to upload media use loadrunner? I record the script but it fail because the top of document is invalidation.How to solve the problem?Which one know the answer please tell me. Thanks!


How we tested remote servers if client is installed in another place


Can anyone please mention what are the common errors that we can see while replaying the Vugen script and also while running the controller scneraio and How to handle them with a few examples. This will be greatly helpful.


Hi, How can we know that the app deployed in Weblogic Server in percentage?


How could you measures Https/Sec ?


when i run start senario for different process it always completed at elapsed time 6.32 sec. i don't understand why it happens.. can we set elapsed time ? plz answer.... pratik196@gmail.com


Difference b/w 9.1 and 9.5 Versions in LoadRunner?


I have one Scenario login then bookcoffee then logout explain test plan for above scenario?


what are the risks you faced with loadrunner