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Write a function, tokenize_string(input_string, delimiter_list) that returns a list of strings that are separated by the delimiters. For example: tokenize_string("How now, Mrs. Brown Cow") returns ['How', 'now', 'Mrs', 'Brown', 'Cow']


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Write a function to efficiently convert a floating point number to a rational number. For example, given 0.125 return "1/8"


Write a function that takes an unsorted integer array, and returns a three element subset whose sum is zero.


Write a function that takes an array of integers and returns that array rotated by N positions. For example, if N=2, given the input array [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] the function should return [5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 4]


Write a function that takes an array of integers and efficiently calculates and returns the Least Common Multiply in python.


Write a function that takes as input a binary tree, and prints out each level of the tree on a newline. For example: a / b c / / d e f will output: a b c d e f


Write a function that takes an integer and returns the smallest number that is greater than the given number which is a palendrome. For example, if the input was 111 the next palindromic number would be 121.


Given a circular list of integers (when you reach the end of the list you come back to the beginning), what is the most efficient algorithm to find the smallest integer in the list? For example: circular_list = [22, 52, 66, 82, 5, 8, 12, 19].


What is CDC?

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What is Telematics?

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What is the J2ME platform?

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J2ME defines two configurations - CLDC and CDC. Explain them

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What are profiles in J2ME?

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What is Java Community Process (JCP)?

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Why does Java strictly specify the range and behavior of its primitive types?

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1.Why does only one copy of a servlet object get created? What happens if you want to remove an old servlet object currently running but do not want to stop the entire servlet engine? 2.How does one servlet object deal with interactions from many browser? (e.g. if your servlet ran an email site, how can it keep track of hundreds of users logging in, reading their mail, etc.)


Cluster head selection in Wireless Sensor Network using C programming language.


how to track links visited in google using iframes


write a program to perform generic sort in arrays?


code to detect availability of cookies


You have been asked to install a servlet engine (tomcat, glassfish, etc.) for a companies servlets. Assuming the company has an existing web/DBMS server (which may or may not be on the same server), explain in detail how would you implement the development project and a deployment solution.


What is the meaning of version in XML?


How can manage theme in php?


What are nested elements in XML?


How can get all database name using Php and Sql?


i don't know about working of nested for loop can any one help me


Dear sirs, Hi, I would like to inform you that I want to perform a project using MLP neural network to recognize binary images containing three types of geometric shapes such as squares,rectangels and circles. Furthermore,each image includes only one geometric type. The output of network would be: '1' if the network detects square shape. '2' if the network detects rectangle shape. '3' if the network detects circle shape. '4' if none of these shapes detected. Would you please send me a matlab source code for this project? Your prompt reply would be so appreciated. regards,


how to copy form data between different pages


how to use the GetTickCount() properly and what is that procedure for?


Write a function that takes an unsorted integer array, and returns a three element subset whose sum is zero.