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Why should we catch super class exceptions?

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What is difference between J2SE,J2EE and J2ME?

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What is preverifier?

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What are basics Software's for J2ME applications?

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Explain MIDlet Life cycle?


What hardware and software requirements of a device that intends to implement the MIDP.

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List some Property Supported by J2ME?

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Explain Virtual Machine for J2ME?

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What is minimum hardware and Software requirements for J2ME?

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Will J2ME applications run on J2SE?

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Will J2SE applications run on J2ME?If Not Why?

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What is Generic" J2ME architecture?


What are disadvantage of J2ME?

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What are advantages of J2ME?

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Why we use J2ME?

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Un-Answered Questions { Code Snippets }

write a program that reverses the input number of n.Formulate an equation to come up with the answer.


Can you send Code for Run Length Encoding Of BMP Image in C Language in linux(i.e Compression and Decompression) ?


write a program to perform generic sort in arrays?


how to create an anonymous function


How can call any javascript function without saying onclick, onchange, onblur etc events in php?


Coding for Synchronizing Cache Access in ASP.NET?


Hi All, Do anyone have a solution/script for Uploading the Excel file in Local drive to QC Resources folder..?? TIA Dwaraka.


Code for Presenting Parent/Child Data in a Data Grid Row?


Create a class called Accounts which has data members like ACCOUNT no, Customer name, Account type, Transaction type (d/w), amount, balance D->Deposit W->Withdrawal If transaction type is deposit call the credit(int amount) and update balance in this method. If transaction type is withdraw call debit(int amt) and update balance. Pass the other information like Account no,name,Account Type through constructor. Call the show data method to display the values.


How to store the iterations value in some variable/ in excel? Dim objExcel, ObjFolder, objPath, objWorkbook, objSheet, ObjFSo, ObjFolderName, strExcelPath Const xlExcel7 = 39 ObjFolderName = "Testing" & Hour(time()) & Minute(time()) &Second(time()) objPath = "D:\" strExcelPath = objPath & ObjFolderName & "\testing.xls" Set ObjFSo = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set objFolder = objFSO.CreateFolder(objPath & ObjFolderName) On Error Resume Next Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application") If (Err.Number <> 0) Then On Error GoTo 0 Wscript.Echo "Excel application not found." Wscript.Quit End If On Error GoTo 0 Set objWorkbook = objExcel.Workbooks.Add() Set objSheet = objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(1) Dim arr1, arr2, arr3 Set outputLines = CreateObject ("System.Collections.ArrayList") arr1 = 123arr2 = 99 arr3 = 10 outputLines.Add arr1 outputLines.Add arr2 outputLines.Add arr3 outputLines.Sort() For Each outputLine in outputLines WScript.Echo outputLine ' how to store this value in excel/ variable? Next objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs strExcelPath, xlExcel7 objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Close objExcel.Application.Quit This above code is working fine but the qs is is there any way to store the sort data in variables / in the excel and how?


write a code that user can choose/alter Body Text Size


What is the coding about how to recognize color in fuzzy logic using Matlab R2009b?


What is the best way to make wordpress plugin


Please give me the codes for deadlock(like detecting,& avoiding) in any version of


Given a string=”me,I,myself”; .Using javascript only create an array out of this string and then send a POST request to the url “record.php” without reloading the page. The post key parameters should be n1,n2 and n3 respectively.