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Describe when it’s appropriate to use the small element and provide an example?

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Can you describe why hgroup was dropped and how the markup can be addressed today with an example?

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Is the alt attribute mandatory on img elements? If not, can you describe a scenario where it can be set to an empty value? Does an empty value affect accessibility in any way?

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Is it possible to express a date range using a single time element?

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What’s the difference between the meter element and the progress element?

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What is the longdesc attribute? Can you explain its purpose?

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What is the mark element? Can you describe an example of use for this element?

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How to create nest tables within tables in HTML?

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How do I link to a location in the middle of an HTML document?

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How to create a button which acts like a link?

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Explain marquee tag.

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Write a simple "Hello User" python code snippet.

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how are functions defined in python ?

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Given a N by N matrix of both negative and positive integers. Write an efficient algorithm to find the sub-matrix with the largest sum of all the contained elements.


Discuss an algorithm to traverse a tree, depth first.


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write a function that allocates memory for a single data type passed as a parameter.the function uses the new operator and return a pointer to the allocated memory.the function must catch and handle any exception during allocation


Can someone please explain more about how the XML Gateway works and what its purpose is?


What is the best way to make wordpress plugin


write a c program to input initial & final time in the format hh:mm and find the time intervel between them? Ex inputs are initial 06:30 final 00:05 and 23:22 final 22.30


how to create a 3x3 two dimensional array that will give you the sums on the left and bottom columns


create Drop-Down Navigation Menus


Could u please tell me any UNIX scripts that 'll lead to find the network latency of the servers.?or else any unix command to find the network latency of a server?Thnx in advance...


Performance Algorithm A performs 10n2 basic operations and algorithm B performs 300 lg n basic operations. For what value of n does algorithm B start to show its better performance?


How we work on N tire architecture in Please give me Examle...


How can a procedure fetch data from FTP? I need a general code for this..


What is the functionality of FindWindow?


Ask the user to input three positive integers M, N and q. Make the 2 dimensional array of integers with size MxN, where all the elements of I (I = 1,…,M) line will be members of geometrical progression with first element equal to the number of line (I) and denominator q.


write a program that can LOCATE and INSERT elements in array using c++ programming languages.


I need your help, i need a Turbo C code for this problem.. hope u'll help me guys.? Your program will have a 3x3 array. The user will input the sum of each row and each column. Then the user will input 3 values and store them anywhere, or any location or index, temporarily in the array. Your program will supply the remaining six (6) values and determine the exact location of each value in the array. Example: Input: Sum of row 1: 6 Sum of row 2: 15 Sum of row 3: 24 Sum of column 1: 12 Sum of column 2: 15 Sum of column 3: 18 Value 1: 3 Value 2: 5 Value 3: 6 Output: Sum of Row 1 2 3 6 4 5 6 15 7 8 9 24 Sum of Column 12 15 18 Note: Your program will not necessary sort the walues in the array Thanks..


create a C-code that will display the total fare of a passenger of a taxi if the driver press enter,the timer will stop. Every 10 counts is 2 pesos. Initial value is 25.00