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How do you test for file properties in shell scripts?

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How do you do Boolean logic operators in shell scripting?

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How do you find out the number of arguments passed to the shell script?

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What’s a way to do multilevel if-else’s in shell scripting?

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How do you write a for loop in shell?

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How do you find out the current directory you’re in?

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What’s the command to find out users on the system?

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What’s the command to find out today’s date?

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How do you stop a process?

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How do you find out about all running processes?

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How do you stop all the processes, except the shell window?

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How do you define a function in a shell script?

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How do you read keyboard input in shell scripts?

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How does a case statement look in shell scripts?

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Consider the following markup:

London by night
A landscape of London by night
Is it valid? If not, can you explain why?

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How do you verify if the two sentences/phrases input is an anagram using predefined functions in string.h and by using arrays?


How to get the version(major,minor,revision ) of VB6.0 delphi code .I am able to fetch dll file of vb6.0 but not vba file .Can u send me the code snippet in delphi to get the value for vb6.0.


Write a C++ program without using any loop (if, for, while etc) to print prime numbers from 1 to 100 and 100 to 1 (Do not use 200 print statements!!!)


Given a table of the form: Product Sold on A 1/1/1980 B 1/1/1980 C 1/1/1980 A 1/1/1980 B 1/1/1980 C 2/1/1980 A 2/1/1980 There are 30 products and 10,000 records of such type. Also the month period during which sales happened is given to u. Write the program to display the result as: Product Month No. of copies A January 12 A February 15 A March 27 B January 54 B February 15 B March 10 C January 37


What is Generic" J2ME architecture?


code to sorting an array of objects


how to convert between arrays and strings


how to pass data between pages using Cookies


i don't know about working of nested for loop can any one help me


Write a routine to implement the polymarker function


develop a program to calculate and print body mass index for 200 employees


#include int main(void) { int a=4, b=2; a=b<>2 ; printf("%d",a); return 0; }


Write a function that takes an unsorted integer array, and returns a three element subset whose sum is zero.


How can I Create a C program in splitting set of characters to specific subsets. Example: INPUT SET OF CHARACTERS: Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. SPLIT INTO HOW MANY CHARACTERS PER SUBSETS: 10 OUTPUT: Therefore, my dear b rothers an d sisters, stand fir m. Let not hing move you. Alway s give you rselves fu lly to the work of t he Lord, b ecause you know that your labo r in the L ord is not in vain.


Create a ViewState Property?