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Test Cases Interview Questions
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What is the Difference between Testing Types and Testing Techniques


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test cases for login window

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How to write simple test cases?

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in test case we would write log and login ?what is the dif bet both of them


can anybody tell me that how many days required to complete 1000 test cases.And what would be the avg testcase perday for a tester.

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Do we have to write the seperate test cases for System testing and UAT testing? And also what are the roles and reponsibilities of a tester/how to interact when End users are performing the UAT Testing.


Below is a user story where Dave, a dispatcher, wants to use a console system to talk to Fred, a person in the field. Create a list of test cases to verify these requirements have been properly met. User Story 3004 - Dave wishes to call Fred using a phone. Dave needs the ability to dial digits for an outbound call to Fred. The dial pad will have a display area for the digits being dialed. The dial pad will have the following functionality: Recall Dial Tone, Recall Last Number, Backspace Current Digit, and Phonebook (Contacts) Access. The dial pad must be touchable and the “Dial” button will be used to initiate the call. A prototype version of the dial pad is attached below. The dial pad will have the following configurable properties: Display Color, Display Font, Foreground Color, Location and Size.


Circle any inconsistencies in the following text: User Story 3005 - Dave wishes to talk to Fred using a radio. Business Requirements: 1. Dave needs the ability to put a line into select. 2. Dave receives a visual color and text indication that the line is selected (picked up). a. Default indication will be that the pad turns red and the text ‘Select’ appears as the 3rd line of text. 3. David hears audio from a selected line in his defined audio path. 4. Dave uses Push-To-Talk to talk to Fred. 5. Dave receives a visual color and text indication that the line has been de-selected (hung up). • The default inactive state is a white pad with no text on the 2nd line. 6. Multiple Freds can select the same radio. 8. If a radio is selected while another radio is already selected, then the first phone is automatically deselected.


Requirement from Market “Alice is talking to Bob. Bob thinks that Alice should talk to Chris for more information. Currently, Bob will pass on the directory number of Chris to Alice; Alice/Bob will disconnect the call and then Alice will initiate a new call to Chris. What we need need, Bob should be able to transfer the call to Chris, without Alice making another call.” Implementation done by Unified CM Development Team When a basic call is connected, a new softkey “Transfer” will be displayed on the IP Phone. User (say, Bob) can press that and dial a target (say, Chris). Bob has two options (1) wait for Chris to answer and then tell Chris about call from Alice and then press “transfer” again to complete transfer (2) press “Transfer” immediately; when Chris answers he will be connected to Alice Please come up with test cases thinking from a user perspective, let’s say from a Bank (there could be users such as receptionists, accountants, managers etc.) – in what all scenarios transfer can happen, any negative scenarios (cases where we don’t get a positive response always). If you think you need an enhancement to the feature, please go ahead and suggest that as well.


what is the process of testing


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Q.1)how write negative & positive test cases Q.2 )write negative & positive test cases for i-pod

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what is login and login in testcases we write in testcaseid


Please tell m all posiible tst cass for this--> A password of password field will expire in 45 days.It should send 1st reminder message to user whn 10 days are left and 2nd reminder message when 5 days are left and 3rd reminder mssage when 2 days are left.write all positive and negativ test cass for this.

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if software faild in customer environment what we called a)error b)fault c)defect d)failure

ITC Infotech,

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What is rhinohunt testing? urgent pls send the answer soon


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This was asked to me recently in Microsoft interview How would you do DOS copy command testing


Write Test cases for the below scenario? scenario 1: Replace the current CSS software with TML software. Scenario 2: Provide the same reports for business as currently provided by CSS software. Not: CSS and TML are customized software.


Can some body help to write possible test cases for a credit card at POS (point of sale)


How to write test cases for the following scenario: The system shall limit the search result display to 200 records. Do we need to write test data for it. How do we create a test data for it.


How to write test cases for lift?


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Can you list down a few characteristics of a test case?


What are all the companies are doing manual testing till now ?


Can someone tell me the test cases to test the password for with following scenario: 1. Password should be minimum 6 chars and maximum 8 chars. 2. Password should consist one uppercase letter 3. Password should consist of one numeric 4. Password should consist of one special character.


write the testcases for migrating data from one database to another database?


What are the different check points for SIT and UAT while testing an Internet Banking application. Consider any one functionality of Internet Banking




What are basic types of test cases?


Explain how to develop a test plan and a test case.


write a test case for yahoo compose page?