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hi... this is prashanth... i need visa interview questions............ any body have can u forward to me............


can i get sample cdr report for electrical engineer? hi friends, i am a electrical engineer working as a mep estimator in a building construction company. i am planning to migrate to australia. i am little confused to write. if i get some sample cdr based on that i will prepare mine. please someone help me on this. my mail id-

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I would like to apply for PR under Skilled Migration Visa for Australia am I eligible or not. What's the required band score individually required for applicability. I got 6.5 overall Band Score in Ielts Exam. L-6.5, R-5.5, w-7, S-6.5. I had done B.E. Mechanical Engineering in 2006. Currently i am working as Industrial Engineer at a Limited Company. Please tell the complete procedure for PR application.

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Hi i have done Diploma in electrical engineering and i have applied for Skill immigration for Australia under General Electrician catagory. I need help regarding to the skill test (practical Test). If any body has completed this test. i need some ideas about quastion and answer and type of prectical test.

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looking for Australia Immigration??

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till me yourself



what minimum bank statement do i need if i apply for student visa to do my masters in australia

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Is it possible in \"any\" way to get a visa to work there, (and has the skill for a field) if the age of the applicant is over 45?

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If a man followed his wife to either of these places, (she gets over there and has her visa and is working) is it possible for him to go there and also be eligible to work? Or can he only have a visiting visa for family?

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Hi I have done my graduation BSc(Computers ) recently from O.U. Is there any one can please help me how to write a SOP to join IT one year course in New Zealand in networking/software develpement course. Thanks...


i have completed my cetifictae iv in business and doing deploma of business. after doing these course which deploma course is suitable for me as well as i can get pr? can i do certificate iii in automotive if i can after completing this couse how much score i have to socre to apply the pr? pls honestly adivce me ......................


dear sir i am having score card of speaking 6,writing 5.5,listning 5,reading 4.5.overall 5.5 but my TRA is electronic equipment trade person cani apply for PR .or any other way to apply

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Sir i am Btech Electrical 2006 i ve a 4 years exp. i want to go to australia for working please help me.


i have done the diploma of commercial coockery. i have my tra assessed in 2008. now my bachelor of business studies is finishing in july 2010. if i have the 7 bands in ielts. can i apply for the direct permanent residency, instead of temporary residency?

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My name is Sunisha Thapa.I've applied for student visa to A/a and i was also called for interview at Delhi from Nepal. The interview went all good but after 2 weeks i got the result where they told me that I was not the genuine student who really wants to study. Only because of the political situation of Nepal I had planned to go A/a and I was rejected for this silly reason where it was also written that my all the part of documentation was good.Can someone help me that what is this? I just want to say that "DON"T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER". It's about the matter of my life and my future......


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my IELTS score is 6.0 bands overall, bt i m failing in my 12th economics exame, but the overall result in 12th is, if i apply for student visa, will i'll be able 2 get it.


Hi I have done my graduation BSc(Computers ) recently from O.U. Is there any one can please help me how to write a SOP to join IT one year course in New Zealand in networking/software develpement course. Thanks...


My Hasband Got his PR Visa for Australia how can i apply for my Vis? What is Process for that. Please suggest me the proper Process.


Australia electrical trade PR-i am having an indian diploma in electrical and electronics engineering and having more than 8 years of experience. but i did not completed ACT apprentice to obtain National certificate. I like to know whether i will be eligible for electrical trade PR in australia?


sir i am btech discontinued ,i have a lot of gap,if i am eligible to study diploma in australia,i have sufficient funds and 6band ielts score


Hi. Please can you tell me, we are in the process of getting a sponsored skilled job in Australia, when we apply for the visa (457) can we at the same time apply for permanent residence in Australia?


iam married i applied for spouse visa,my husband in australia and he was citizen in that country.what have to do for getting spouse visa early


i have submit my documents for australia visa i m going dere to celebrate my silver jubilee so i want to know dat wat questions they will ask me for visa approval


how do you make yourself more indispensable?


what happens when two different frequency same magnitude signals are shorted?


i have 7 bands in ielts i want australian pr(Country pr) before leaving my country india pls tell the procedure need help!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, I am software engineer in a limited company having 5years of experience and done BCA MCA previously. Points calculation that I am doing : Age : 30 Points (My age : 28) Qualification : 15 Points (For BCA MCA) Experience : 5 Points (After deducting 2 years by ACS, I will get 5 points) Spouse Qualification : 5 Points(For her BCA MCA and 2 years of experience in IT) State Sponsorship : 5Points Ilets score : 0 Points (my score S-6.5 W-6, R-7, L-7) Total Points : 60 First, Kindly confirm If the point calculation procedure is correct. And Second,will I be able to apply with this score or it is mandatory to score 7 in each module of Ilets exam.


Will you come back during your vacations?


i am appliying for masters of information system.i have over all 6.0 band. please tell me about the questions that amb.could ask to me and what should i answer.


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