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Dot Net General Interview Questions
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When developing a Windows service for .NET, which namespace do you typically look in for required classes?

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How do you handle Start, Pause, Continue and Stop calls from SCM within your application?

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Describe the start-up process for a Windows service.

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If we want to write a Windows service that cannot be paused, only started and stopped. How to accomplish that?

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What application do you use to install a Windows service?

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How can you see which services are running on a Windows box?

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How do you start, pause, continue or stop a Windows service off the command line?

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How to write an MMC snap-in for my Windows service?

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How can we convert XML data into DataBase table IN .Net?

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what is the use of stored procedure which has only one select statement over simple select statment query ? Why to write a stored procedure then ?

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What is prerender event of a page?

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How do you pass value of a text box from page1.aspx to page2.aspx without storing it as a session value?

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What is the use of edititem template ingridview?

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Explain weg config settings for exception managment in

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Write code for fetch record nos 15 to 25 from a dataset containing 50 records?

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What is the procedure to add assemly to gac to make it shared one?


How do you generate a strong name?


What is .net environment?


What is the difference between function and stored procedure?


object is physical and class is class is not occupying any memory as our definition of class but i got a question then the class where it stores if it is not occupying any memory....


What does msil do?


Explain about .net assemblies?


What is namespace in .net?


Explain how to redirect tracing to a file?


What are the improvements made in cas in .net 4.0?


Explain how to stop a thread?


Explain about Behavioral design pattern?


Which namespace is used to support multithearding in .NET?


Please explain what is the difference between a class and an object?


Explain what is an application domain?