ASP.NET Interview Questions
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How many object in c# asp .net

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What is the Difference between MVC And MVP design pattrens



What is the difference between Trace and Debug?


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What is the difference between a Thread and Process?

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and can u telme how to explain about our job profile if i have 3years of it experiance in dotnet domain and where to start and where to end , and what shoul i tel and what not(can i mention my education ,and family details,......)i am confusiong a lot. can i ask one with your permision, if u have question that u u went tcs interview as 3+years exp so he/she asked tel me about your profile how can u tel and where to stop. please help me as simple as possible i am facing lot in this..............plese can anyone help me i am awaiting for your reply.


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Define state managenent?Descibe state managenent technique which maintain the information at server site focusing it IDS features and limitations?

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How many types of server controls do we have?Also explain differance between them taking an example of ASP.NET?


What is Web Services?How we can consume a Web Services in our application?Explain.


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i have a register form & in that form i have a 2 textboxes for entering name& doubt is that how can i provide error message like "invalid entry" when user enter a invalid name/age(eg:user enter name as #%%%##daff,and age as 1000.)in that textboxes.I want code.

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I have a webform in that webform there is 2 division class(DIV).in one of the div class there is a text box for enter the id & a button for to check id with database value.My doubt is that how can i appear the 2nd Div contents only when the id is true with database value.if wrong do not display the div . i Want code in c#.

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what are the oops concepts are used in your project?

AppShark, IBM, Kotak,

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what is the generics and where used generics in your project?


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How To Send Value one page to Another Page On MasterMenu Click ? please Tell Me!


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What is difference Data List and Data Repeater Control ?


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In which module you have worked in your .net project explain?


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How to disable disable browser's Back button in (JavaScript)?


Securitywise What are the Enhancements in 2.0?


Is session server side or client side?


Explain the main function of razor in : mvc


What is the difference between session and viewstate in


What are the different types of validation controls provided in ASP.NET?


What are the major built-in objects in ASP.NET?


Explain the differences between clr & cts?


What is difference between cache and session?


Explain the function of new view engine in : mvc


How do you implement postback with a text box?


What is Bundling and Minification in MVC?


What are cookies in your browser?


Difference between DataGid and Girdview? Difference b/w .Net 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 ? Diff b/w dispose & Finialize Methods?


Define xmlvalidatingreader class.