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what is state management?

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when i want to use configuration for creat users and roles i recived this message: There is a problem with your selected data store. This can be caused by an invalid server name or credentials, or by insufficient permission. It can also be caused by the role manager feature not being enabled. Click the button below to be redirected to a page where you can choose a new data store. The following message may help in diagnosing the problem: Unable to connect to SQL Server database. when i clicked the choose data source button that give me another message that is this: Use this page to configure how Web site management data such as membership is stored. You can use a single provider for all the management data for your site or you can specify a different provider for each feature. Your application is currently configured to use the provider: AspNetSqlProvider Select a single provider for all site management data Select a different provider for each feature (advanced) ------------------------- and this message was reapeted in other choose again. please help me if u know why i gave that message so i wont can creat my users and roles


there is two functions function a and function b like fun a(){.... ..... } fun b() { } in function b i write the coding to add two numbers and i need to dispaly the sum result in function a with out using global variable. how we do?

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In my code i have 3 tables,i have to insert 3 tables data using single insert query so that i wrote transations in a sp.but what my problem is,in those 3 tables i have to include my empId from another table.when i'm passing values im getting error at this EmpId. how can i solve this error to execute insert query? plesae tell me the solution...

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i need code for insert,delete,update adn display records using stored procedure in C#

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Code for scolling in gridview


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how to get modified rows from Dataset


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How ViewstateMac works?



How Session outproc in Sqlserver stored?



Difference between mvc2 and mvc3 in


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Any one can tell how we store tiff format images in database and retrive from the database(need for tiff format only)



hi guys do u know how to go one page to one page to another page plz tell me any of u know

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how to include timer or counting time to display next page in


witch is the best insistute in sharpoint course.what abt future of share point course.

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what is synchronization and asynchronization. what are the difference between two?


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What are the two properties that are common on every validation control?


Is LINQ performance wise better or using sqlcommand?


Can you clarified A Web service can only be written in .NET or not?


what is publisher?


where can i gather the materials for MCP certification


COM+ Used ________________ Isolation Level


How ViewstateMac works?


how can we create wcf in and how can we cll that in to application?plsss tel me each step clearly


Why and where this web.config file is used?


How to deploy/publish webservices?How many ways?Plz explain me


Explain Apache web servers ? How can you get ASP.NET running in Apache web servers - why should you do this?


Describe the method to create a permanent cookie?


Can the dictionary object be created in client?s scope ?


What are the Types of session management in ASP.NET


How we implement the multiple paypal value with gridview in my website and how we make a payment through Credit Card.