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ASP.NET Interview Questions
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what is diffgram ?

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Where would you use an iHTTPModule, and what are the limitations of any approach you might take in implementing one

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What are the disadvantages of viewstate/what are the benefits

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How to use class library reference in project? Can you give me the example with source Class library haves classes like Database, insert, update, delete, reflection how can i use the database class connection in insert class to insert the record in to the Main Project in

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what is the difference between console.writeline &console.output.writeline?

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what is mean by framework?

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What is deff. saop and disco?

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how to use html code in asp source code?

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how can i inharit multiple classes?

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I create small website, i want accept all the browser this website? what will do?

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what is advantage of developing in the same can't be developed in Java or other web developemnt tool.what are advantages of developers.


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can any one explain about 3-tier architecture and how to deploy 3 layers of 3-tier architecture in 3 different servers.plz send me .net code


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How to Open any web page by clicking any Any ASPControl like (Checkbox,radio button or Button) without calling its event and without going to Siverside code?

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can I use session variable in App_code Class page??


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what is use of doctype tag in

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What do you mean by authorization?


Explain about Multi-Language integration?


How does asp net store session ids by default?


What is a multilingual website?


Give an example of what might be best suited to place in the application_start and session_start subroutines?


Is there any limit for query string? Means what is the maximum size?


How tooltip is set through code-behind in ASP.NET?


Why SessionID changes in every request in


Explain the difference between panel and groupbox classes using .net?


How does the iis work?


What is the difference between CC and BCC?


What are the different ways you would consider sending data across pages in ASP (i.e between asp to asp)?


What does the .webpart file do?


What is the difference between session and application?


What is web application?