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what is purpose of xml control in standard controls of

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My website has around 100 aspx. Out of this, a certain 20 aspx files should be made available to the users only if they are logged in. How can I achieve this with the web.config file?

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Below is a code extract from an ASP.Net application. The code basically reads data from the “name” field in the “members” table and prints them onto the webpage. Using the assumptions provided, fill in the 4 blanks below so that the code will run correctly. ‘Assumptions: ‘conn_str is a variable that holds the connection string to the database ‘Objects dbcomm and dbread are already declared earlier dbcomm = New OleDbCommand("SELECT name FROM members", conn_str) dbread = dbcomm._______________ _____________________ response.write(_______________) _____________________ dbread.Close()

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Suggest 3 best practices in detail for for Developing High Performance Web and Enterprise Applications

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What is the roll of JIT in

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How Web Service help? What is the difference between Remoting & Web Servcies?

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1.can we add connection string in global.asax?????????? 2.what are the default files included when we create new web application????


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How to handle error while project running on live

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difference between


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can i use store procedure in disconnected mode? give me answer

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Guys can anobody tell what is Conditional Bloating in ??

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how to edit gridview control in asp.net2.0

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How to send auto matic emails based on scheduled tasks to several of my clients

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i have one gridview contains edititemtemplate(which contains update and cancel buttons) and i have one item template (contains edit button) i want the code for update and cancelbuttons in edit item template and i want the code for edit button in itemtemplate. please help me

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What is the difference between ExecuteReader,ExecuteNonQuery and ExecuteScalar.

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What is response object?


How do cookies work?


What is the procedure to create the environment for : mvc


How is mvc different from : Asp.Net MVC


Why mvc is better than : Asp.Net MVC


Which platform does Microsoft .NET use for exchanging data between applications?


What are the advantages of passport authentication?


What is the control toolkit?


What is the use of service provider?


What is the mvc folder conventions? : mvc


How do you deploy your application?


How can we create pie chart in


How would you enable impersonation in the web.config file?


What is postback in asp net?


What is the usage of DelegatingHandler?