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ASP.NET Interview Questions
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Types of values mode can hold session state in Web.Config?


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Tell about WebService in Asp.Net?

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What is Http handler?


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What is view state and how this can be done and was this there in asp?

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Types of optimization and name a few ?


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What is CSS? What is the advantage os using CSS in ASP.NET Web Applications?


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We have 2 sites in which one site allows the user with out asking credentials and second one ask for credentials through a log page. What might be the configurations settings for both sites? We can use IIS and web.config files together.


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while developing webservices if i want some users to use my webservice only how can i give security to my webservice?


In a webpage if i want to give access to only half page ,then what should i do?

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For a webapplication if i want to gice access controls like admin,users how can i give security like rolebased?

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what are the security certificates used in webservices?


Describe the difference between a Thread and a Process?

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What is a Windows Service and how does its life cycle differ from a standard EXE?

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What is the maximum amount of memory any single process on Windows can address? Is this different than the maximum virtual memory for the system? How would this affect a system design?

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How to manage different kinds of sessions in ASP.NET?


What is the difference between runtime version and version?


What is the purpose of url encoding?


Which is the best institute to learn Microsoft Technologies and the faculty if you Know?


What is the mvc framework?


Explain what is viewstate?


Do you know about caching with the datasource controls?


What is a 307 redirect?


What tags do you need to add within the asp:datagrid tags to bind columns manually? How?


If Instancing = Single use for ActiveX Exe, how will this be executed if there are 2 consecutive client requests ?


What is a postback in asp net?


What is the difference between a cookie and a pixel?


Which is the parent class of the ASP.NET server control?


Explain how is a property designated as read-only?


What is custom events?