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ASP.NET Interview Questions
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Is it possible to prevent a browser from caching an ASPX page?

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What does AspCompat="true" mean and when should I use it?


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Can two different programming languages be mixed in a single ASMX file?

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What namespaces are imported by default in ASMX files?

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What r the remotable objects. and how u make an application remotable

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How Web Services help Us? What r the difference between Remoting and webservices

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what is diference between the .net1.0 & .net2.0 ?


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difference between caching objects in session objects?

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diffrance between stored procedure & function in sql server?

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what is the MSIL assembler do?

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what is client back feauture ?

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How many column in table of sql server?

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what is the auto option in XML ?

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what is diffrance between response.write & response.output.write


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can sn.exe can be used before gacutil.exe


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Un-Answered Questions { ASP.NET }

Is mvc still used? : Asp.Net MVC


What is the difference between pathparam and queryparam?


In ViewState How much lifespan items stored?


Can the dictionary object be created in client?s scope ?


Types of instancing properties and explain each. Tell the difference between multiuse,singleuse and globalmultiuse and which is default ?


Explain the difference between sql invalidation and sql notification.


Explain what is the procedure to create the environment for : mvc


Explain the main function of url routing system in mvc? : mvc


What is difference between inproc and outproc?


What is the difference between page directive include and action tag include?


Can I have a unique key as foreign key?


To display data in a Repeater control which template you provide?


What are the modes of updation in an updatepanel? What are triggers of an updatepanel?


How to make sure that contents of an updatepanel update only when a partial postback takes place (and not on a full postback)?


Why do I get error message "could not load type" whenever I browse to my web site?