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There were a lot of questions asked, so I will list the topic (and add a what is "topic" and know pros/cons). Extreme programming, what is a transaction, various SDLC design approaches, what is a namespace, define a good test case, what is a stored proc, webservice? design patterns? linker? compiler? access modifiers? stack vs. queue? arrays vs. linked lists? sorting algorithms? recursion? OOP principles?



Can an interface inherit an interface


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Can an interface inherit class/abstract class.


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An abstract class is inherited, an Interface also inherited(multiple inheritance), How it differences.


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Can variables defined in interface. If yes how we can call/use it in class.


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Can property defined in Interface.


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How encapsulation and abstraction defined/used in C#.NET.


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Example of value type and refarnce type


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an object,class is value type or refarance type. ?


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If a class is a ref type, how we can pass to a function.


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Can a class inherit structure.

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Can a structure inherit a class.

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can a structure used in a class if yes then how.


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int i,string s, String s1 Which is valuetype which is refrence type.

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What is service contract


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3. Use layered architecture for coding. s.no name description 1 abc xxxxxxxxx 2 abc xxxxxxxxx 3 4 5 6 7 8 Select all Clear all Add Delete Name Description Save close


windows c# using datagridview in edit form sql server


hi my question is about understanding a text the user entered to a site , so i want to analyse that text looking for some specific items such as "honda" "shoffere" etc.. so if this site could help or could tell me where to go with such question ,i wonder. thanks


I wish to create a windows application to perform a similar function as that of the "Search" which is provided to look for related files and folders in the System.. What steps must i follow??


hi, is compulsory .net knowledge need for biztalk server training. if need, how far?.tell me some info abt real time instructors in hyd or other?


how to Create a datagridview control with check box column with 8rows in it, the maximum number of check boxes checked should be 3, when user checks the 4th corresponding message should be displayed and check box should be checked. User can uncheck the checked boxes Note: read-only property should not be used


what is main function of alternate teamplate of datalist?


Hello! How to do this: "Create manifest utility intended for creating update content files. Application should take a set of files as input parameter and generate XML based manifest file as output one." I use C# and vs.net 2003. It's urgent! Help please, thanks. Mayana


i want the csharp questions&answeres


In gridview in editmode if we want to display information in one combobox based on


if you do have a stack overflow profile.what is your ranking?


In a C# class we have a SortedList member m_addinProjects we want to provide an iterator to allow the consumer of this class access to the items in the collection. Please provide an iterator method for the AnalyzeAddinsDLL class below and an example of how it would be used. namespace AnalyzeAddinsDLL { public class AllAddInProjects { private SortedList m_addinProjects; public AllAddInProjects() { m_addinProjects = new SortedList(); } } }


what is generics? can u explain 5 to 6 examples on generics that covers class,method,structure,list,delegates?


I need code to connect ohter systems in the LAN and i want to display my website image over there and i want explain as a admin through phone. So i need code to access other system using C-Sharp. Any one please help me.Please give me the code. Advace thanks.


What framework is used for performance testing/load testing?