C Sharp Interview Questions
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Explain the Scope of public/private/friend/protected/protected friend.

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What are the Different kinds of methods?


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What is the Difference between imperative and interrogative code?


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What is the Difference between value and reference type?


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What are the two kinds of properties?


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What is the raise event used for?


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Explain constructor.


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What is a resource? Provide an example from your recent project.

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What is a system lock?

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Describe ways of cleaning up objects.


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Where does the dispose method lie and how can it be used to clean up resources?

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How can you clean up objects holding resources from within the code?


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What are the the three types of DAO ?

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Does C# supports multi-dimensional arrays ?


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How do you create multiple inheritance in C#?


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What framework is used for performance testing/load testing?


What exactly happens when we debug and build the program?


why delegate is type safe?


Write a console application and implement the ternary operator to decide whether the age a user entered after being prompted is allowed to vote or not(given that only citizens between 18 and 120 years only inclusive can vote). Use exception handling for non-numerical input.


Hi Friends, I am going through Siemens Interview Procedure from last 1+1/2 months. I went through 1 written + 2 Technical + 1 Managerial Round process after which I got call from HR informing that "you are selected and we would like to meet you for HR round". HR round was very nominal compared to MR. HR Round last for hardly 5 mins. They told me that you will get the final result on Friday. Still I have not received any feedback from them. Please help!!!


what is be the overhead, if i use binary transmission. and will it be sent using xml text or how ?


Asha buys 16 Chocolates for rs 12 and 24 chocolates for rs 20, if she sold them 30 chocolates for rs 30 then what is the Gain/Loss percentage? Gain(700/19 %) Loss(700/19 %) Gain(500/19 %) Loss(500/19 %) If one person ate 100 grapes in 5 days and 6 more each day from starting, what was the no of grapes he ate on first day? 6 8 10 7 If seven men P, Q, R, S, T, U, V parked his car, P and Q something like that. 6 student J, K, L, M, N, O went for picnic in 2 batches, K and L have to go together, M and O do't go together, if O and L go in one batch then which of these combination will be wrong. Jmnp Jklo klop JKLO a boat can go upstream and down stream, if it goes 5/2 times of downstream at the speed of 6 kmph then what will be the speed of upstream? 15 KMPH 12 KMPH 10 KMPH 11 KMPH A, B, C, D, E sitting on a table, A sits 2 seat left from B and C sits 2 seat right from B then what will not be the combination ACDE


what is main function of alternate teamplate of datalist?


I need code to connect ohter systems in the LAN and i want to display my website image over there and i want explain as a admin through phone. So i need code to access other system using C-Sharp. Any one please help me.Please give me the code. Advace thanks.


What issues can be faced while delivering code?


Assembly Code. in Rejester AL. How do Contast Replece( or Change): Bit D3 With Bit D4 and Bit D2 With Bit D5 and Bit D1 With Bit D6 and Bit D0 With Bit D7 I am Not Know Very Well Write English.


What exactly happens when we debug and build the program?


Where test director stores its data ? Database ,Local file etc...? I need to read this data from Visual Studio 2005 c# client. Regards


what is collections in .net? why we use?


Helo , Help Me , Help Me About : C# Windows Application - Network How To Manage IP Client's Accessiblity To The Internet Share concise Substitute , Minor ISA Server