Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions
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 Which process helps to build large and complicated programs in LISP? a) Macros b) Procedure abstraction c) Defun d) None 

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Which abstractions have a prescribed behavior? a) Auxiliary procedures b) Procedure abstraction c) Primary procedures d) None of the mentioned

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What is the process of arranging procedures into layers? a) Procedure b) Abstraction c) Abstraction layers d) Procedure abstraction

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Which is used to seperate the abstraction layers? a) Abstraction boundaries b) Data c) Procedure d) All of the mentioned

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 Which hides details behind abstraction boundaries? a) Procedures b) Procedure abstraction c) Recursion d) Both a & b

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 What is the output of the following statement? *(setf thing ‘sphere r 1) * (cond ((eq thing ‘circle) (* pi r r)) ((* 4 pi r r))) a) 10.566 b) 11.5683 c) 12.56637 d) 13

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What is the output of the following statement? * (setf p .6) * (cond ((> p .75) ‘very-likely)((> p .5) ‘likely)((> p .25) ‘unlikely)(t ‘very-unlikely)) a) Very-likely b) Likely c) Unlikely d) Very-unlikely

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What is the output of the following statement? * (setf thing ‘point r 1) * (case thing (circle (*pi r r))(sphere (* 4 pi r r))) a) 1 b) 12.56637 c) NIL d) T

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 What is the output of the following statement? * (setf breakfast ‘(eggs bacon toast tea)) * (cond ((> (length breakfast) 10) ‘glutton) ((not (endp breakfast)) ‘normal)(t ‘anorexic)) a) Anorexic b) Breakfast c) Eggs d) Normal

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 What is the output of the following statement in LISP? * (setf thing ‘point r 1) * (case thing (circle (*pi r r))(sphere (* 4 pi r r)) (otherwise 0)) a) 1 b) 0 c) 12.566 d) None of the mentioned

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Which is used to build the lisp procedures?

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 How the clause is called if it contains a test, as well as zero or more additional forms in LISP? a) Conditional b) Consequents c) Clause d) None of the mentioned

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 What is the value of last consequent form in the triggered clause? a) Value of the entire COND b) Trigger c) Consequent d) All of the mentioned

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What will happen if the value of all the test-forms are nil? a) Nothing b) COND form is nil c) Both a & b d) None of the mentioned

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Which has a template that calls for particularly peculiar argument evaluation? a) COND b) Consequent c) Trigger d) Sphere

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Un-Answered Questions { Artificial Intelligence }

How the new states are generated in genetic algorithm? a) Composition b) Mutation c) Cross-over d) Both b & c


What is the other name of informed search strategy? a) Simple search b) Heuristic search c) Online search d) None of the mentioned


77 a pic s9(5)comp-3,77 b pic x(5),move a to b or b to a?is possible or not.


What can operate over the joint state space? a) Decision-making algorithm b) Learning algorithm c) Complex algorithm d) Both a & b


Differentiate between documented and undocumented knowledge. 3. How is knowledge collected?


Which search uses only the linear space for searching? a) Best-first search b) Recursive best-first search c) Depth-first search d) None of the mentioned


 What is the consequence between a node and its predecessors while creating Bayesian network? a) Conditionally dependent b) Dependent c) Conditionally independent d) Both a & b


 Which is used to improve the performance of heuristic search? a) Quality of nodes b) Quality of heuristic function c) Simple form of nodes d) None of the mentioned


Explain List of artificial intelligence projects?


What is the action of task environment in artificial intelligence? a) Problem b) Solution c) Agent


Specify the agent architecture name that is used to capture all kinds of actions. a) Complex b) Relational c) Hybrid d) None of the mentioned


 Categorize Crossword puzzle in Fully Observable / Partially Observable. a) Fully Observable b) partially Observable


Constraint satisfaction problems on finite domains are typically solved using a form of ___________. a) Search Algorithms b) Heuristic Search Algorithms c) Greedy Search Algorithms d) DFS/BFS Search Algorithms


The Task Environment of an agent consists of a) Sensors b) Actuators c) Performance Measures d) Environment


Like relational databases there does exists fuzzy relational databases. a) True b) False