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Oracle Forms Reports Interview Questions
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When does an on-lock trigger fire ?

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What is Post-Block?

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What is the difference between keystartup and pre-form ?

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What is a Package Procedure ?

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What are the different types of Package Procedure ?

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What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted package procedure ?

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Can we use a restricted package procedure in ON-VALIDATE-FIELD Trigger ?

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What SYNCHRONIZE procedure does ?

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What are the unrestricted procedures used to change the popup screen position during run time ?

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What Enter package procedure does ?

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What ERASE package procedure does ?

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What is the difference between NAME_IN and COPY ?

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Identify package function from the following ?

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How does the command POST differs from COMMIT ?

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What the PAUSE package procedure does ?

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hiding item in report how like that properly,thats manually but at runtime i want to do


what is tripstop report?


What is an implicit anchor and how is it a different form explicit anchor in a report builder?


hi,dis is Shasi.I'm searhing on cognos.1 want realtime scenarios with solutions.persons having hands on experience in real time plz help me out.and iwant one project with explanation please help me...


in user parameter property we have list of values.can we write select query for binding? for example:: select empno from emp where deptno=:deptnum :deptnum is first parameter it displays distinct dept nos. if i do like this it is giving error:: bind variables are not allowed in the select statement


Name the different triggers associated with oracle forms having a master-detail relationship.


did u p prepared complex report


i am writing a query select EmpNo from Emp how can i call in after parameter form


If the valueset if of type –TABLE then how many tables can we attach in the valueset ?


Is it possible to have multiple layouts in a report?


i have a repeating frame that prints on every page for a product code. But when on page ends the info associated with that product code is truncated and not overflowed to the next page.On the next page data with the new product code is displayed. I want the data for one product code to be continued on the next page if it does not fit on a single page. The values are as: repeating frame vertical = variable horizontal = variable page protect = 0 print object on = first page base printing on = enclosing object for the outermost frame which encloses the repeating frame: print object on = last page base printing on = anchoring object end of layout section = yes rest all the values are same as the repeating frame


What is the difference between BPA AND Contract What are documents and test cases u followed


Why oracle forms required?


What is a user exit program in oracle reports?


In oracle forms report, what is the maximum length of record group column? What are the different types of record groups?