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Oracle Forms Reports Interview Questions
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What is a physical page ? & What is a logical page ?


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What is the built-in used to get and set lov properties during run-time?

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What are the various methods of performing a calculation in a report ?

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Can a field be used in a report wihtout it appearing in any data group?

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what are different types of canvas views?

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Explain about stacked canvas views?

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what are the different objects that you cannot copy or reference in object groups?

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What are the triggers available in the reports?

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List some built-in routines used to manipulate images in image_item?

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What are modalless windows?

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Which of the two views should objects according to possession?

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Can a repeating frame be careated without a data group as a base?

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What is an anchoring object & what is its use?

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What is the built-in function used for finding the alert?

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What is the built_in routine used to count the no of rows in a group?

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Un-Answered Questions { Oracle Forms Reports }

Explain how one can iterate through items and records in a specified block?


How do u print the data horizantally by using XML report? EX:Suppose there is one table names as SAMPLE in that we have only two columns say empno,ename.I want the output like this,At run time user may enter 3 colums(i.e to data print horizantally). empno ename empno ename empno ename 100 aaa 101 bbb 102 ccc 103 ddd 104 eee 105 fff


Why oracle forms required?


hi,dis is Shasi.I'm searhing on cognos.1 want realtime scenarios with solutions.persons having hands on experience in real time plz help me out.and iwant one project with explanation please help me...


what are the oracle forms services components include?


What do you understand by oracle forms?


What is an oracle report? List its various types.


What is a canvas in oracle forms?


Explain the different levels at which oracle form services interact.


what are the new features introduced in oracle form services in 11g release 2?


Have you come across the error ?Failed while printing ?. Why it is happened and How to solve that?


in user parameter property we have list of values.can we write select query for binding? for example:: select empno from emp where deptno=:deptnum :deptnum is first parameter it displays distinct dept nos. if i do like this it is giving error:: bind variables are not allowed in the select statement


I need a query to list out "Subinventory Transfer" record from Oct 2016 to Oct 2017 for few users


In workflow how can we send a notification to the Supplier giving the Corresponding report Details.


Can any one send me oracle form and reports tutorials from which i may get me on my mail