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Oracle Forms Reports Interview Questions
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What built-in is used for showing the alert during run-time?

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What is the remove on exit property?

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How many windows in a form can have console?

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Can you have more than one content canvas view attached with a window?


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What are the different window events activated at runtimes?

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What are different types of modules available in oracle form?

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What are the default extensions of the files careated by forms modules?

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What are the default extentions of the files created by menu module?

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What are the default extension of the files created by library module?

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What is a master detail relationship?

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What is coordination Event?

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What are the two phases of block coordination?

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What are Most Common types of Complex master-detail relationships?

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What are the different types of Delete details we can establish in Master-Details?

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What are the different defaust triggers created when Master Deletes Property is set to Non-isolated?

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Un-Answered Questions { Oracle Forms Reports }

Have you come across the error ?Failed while printing ?. Why it is happened and How to solve that?


List out the oracle forms configuration files?


In what situation u create the BPA.


What is the difference between bind and lexical parameter?


how report can be generated if we have the database designed in oracle 10g?


What is an oracle report?


what is a package n what r the packages availbla in report


What are the Features of Forms 6i over 4.5? What are the Features of Forms 10g? What are the Features of Reports 6i? What are the Features of Reports 10g ?


What are the various configuration files that are used by oracle forms?


What do you understand by oracle forms and why are they required?


i am having a report Jan to Dec are the columns if the present month is Mar only Mar to Dec columns should appear in report output


what are bind variables?


what are the new features introduced in oracle form services in 11g release 2?


What is a user exit program in oracle reports?


all steps of bitmap report?