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Oracle Forms Reports Interview Questions
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What is bind reference and how can it carate?

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What use of command line parameter cmd file?

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Where is a procedure return in an external pl/sql library executed at the client or at the server?

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Where is the external query executed at the client or the server?


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What are the default parameter that appear at run time in the parameter screen?

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Which parameter can be used to set read level consistency across multiple queries?

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What is term? What is use of term?

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Is it possible to insert comments into sql statements return in the data model editor?

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If the maximum record retrieved property of the query is set to 10 then a summary value will be calculated?

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What are the sql clauses supported in the link property sheet?

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To execute row from being displayed that still use column in the row which property can be used?

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Is it possible to set a filter condition in a cross product group in matrix reports?

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If a break order is set on a column would it effect columns which are under the column?

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With which function of summary item is the compute at options required?

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What is the purpose of the product order option in the column property sheet?

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how to use buttons,check boxes in paper layout,paper design and paper parameter form in oracle report developer 10g


a text item is there what r the different types of triggers associated with it


How can we expand Parameter Form Canvas on Reports 6i?


I need a query to list out "Subinventory Transfer" record from Oct 2016 to Oct 2017 for few users


What do you understand by oracle forms?


from where do u receive the information to develop report


i am having a report Jan to Dec are the columns if the present month is Mar only Mar to Dec columns should appear in report output


did u received a single file or multiple files


What is the difference between flex mode and confined mode?


What is responsibility and how u attach How to create user and how u attach with responsibility.


How can we generate report output in excel format?


What is the difference between bind and lexical parameter?


In what situation u create the BPA.


difference between global n context sensitive segments?


if u want to delete all these detail block etc what will happen in form