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iwillpreparethe group-IIexams.howcaniprepareandget the studymaterialand previous papers.


hi this is suhas i had completed my btech and i want to know that best institute for groupII coaching for english medium students please reply AS SOON AS POSSIBLE


Hi I would like to prepare for groupii.can anybody send syllabus,material and previous papers to do the needful help.

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how can i get material for group-11


can u plz send previous group 2 papers 2 my mai ID


sir please send me the group all 3 papers study material or author of the reference books


I am Dattadri from siddipet.I am preparing for Gr-2,I want to know which one is best between RC Reddy & Ambedkar study circles.Kindly give me the reply as early as possible. Thanks in advance.


I am Divya.I am preparing for Gr-2,I want to know which coaching institute in hyd is best for GR-2.either RCreddy or ambedkar? .Kindly give me the reply as early as possible. Thanks in advance.

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send group II pervious question papers


madam/sir what kind of administrative posts that can be applied by a graduate student in group 2 examination or what are the general administrative posts present in group 2 examination


appsc group I, II, IV question papers mail to, or,, or


can i get group 2 telugu medium meterial through mail

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Hi All, I have applied for Group-II examination. I studied upto 8th class in one zone and the next 2 years in another zone. Now my question is Do I need to submit the Residence certificate?. If so, from which class I need to fill the columns given in the Residence ceritifcate(there are 5 rows given in the Resident Certificate form given by the APPSC in the notification). Anyone please help me in this.



any body please give me guidence and matirial of group 2 for preparation of Appsc

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how to apply for group2 exam


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which is the best institute in vizag of group 2


I have an interview for the post of Assistant Central Intellegence Officer on 29 Oct.2010. How much time does it take to informe us about the result?


Hi friends.I am parveen.I want to know how to present our answer in group 1 mains.can any body know please answer me.I am searching for this for so many months


please send GR-2 previous question papers to my mail


iam studying bpharmacy 3rd year now . iam prepare group2 so please tell me how to prepare group2&when the next notification declere please tell me details to my email


hi frends,i am studing 2nd am very interested about group 2, Can any one tell me about referrence books for group 2 exam of all three papers individually, any one know plzzzzzzzzz send me to the mail ...............plese friends...................


halo i prepare group2 exams but i dont know about which type of material used for group2 exams. plz let me know about xeros material of group2 books and xeros centre numbers and address.


Hi All can anybody send me group-2 study material to my id- and plz let me know when should i buy the current affairs material...


Hai sir....I belong to zone2 ie.WG,EG,krishna districts.But my husband is working in hyd in TCS.So problem is if i get selected in group2 selections is there chance for me to get posting in zone6 in or near to hyd.


Hi Friends warm greetings i hope many preparing for AMVI kindly share Known question papers and the same i will share to u all once i found


Hi Friends., Kindly tell me about some best institutes for Group-2., and if U have any related info about this Question please give me at ThanQ


HI friends, Can any one tell me about referrence books for group 2 exam of all three papers individually, any one know plzzzzzzzzz send me to the mail


hi This is Ashok i applied for Group 2 in october 2009 notification :38/2008 and SUPPLEMENTARY NOTIFICATION NO. : 11/2009,i would like to know when will be the exam?


Please send the ASO Exam model and Previous Papers my email Id is


sir i am preparing for aso exam so plz send a copy of previous question papers?