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Group II AllOther Interview Questions
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In communication the person who sends the message is known as: (1) decoder (2) encoder (3) feeder (4) speaker

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The clues of verbal response from the receivers are referred to as: (1) communication (2) events (3) feedback (4) transaction

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Because people have their own meanings, communication is basically: (1) popular (2) angular (3) imaginary (4) personal


The chaotic situation which is communication oriented is called: (1) entropy (2) atrophy (3) anarchy (4) civility

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Intra-personal communication takes place: (1) within (2) between two people (3) between groups (4) through mass media

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Communication provides individuals: (1) honour (2) identity (3) liberty (4) feedback

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In mass communication, feedback is usually: (1) perfect (2) immediate (3) delayed (4) absent

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In the modern world, communication is equated with: (1) politics (2) money (3) power (4) issues

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The silver bullet model of communication is attributed to: (1) Wilbur Schramm (2) Harold Lasswell (3) David Berlo (4) Everett Rogers

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The term cool medium is used for: (1) radio (2) television (3) internet (4) cinema

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The term ‘First World’ refers to countries that are: (1) agricultural (2) backward (3) in Africa (4) industrialized

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Kheda communication project was conducted in: (1) Andhra Pradesh (2) Bihar (3) Gujarat (4) Haryana

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In development communication, empathy is: (1) commercial (2) political (3) psychological (4) sociological

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Initially, the economic model of Walt Rostow had: (1) two stages (2) three stages (3) four stages (4) five stages

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The UNESCO minimum standard for media development is, per 100 persons: (1) 5 copies of daily newspapers (2) 10 copies of daily newspapers (3) 15 copies of daily newspapers (4) 20 copies of daily newspapers

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hi frends,i am studing 2nd am very interested about group 2, Can any one tell me about referrence books for group 2 exam of all three papers individually, any one know plzzzzzzzzz send me to the mail ...............plese friends...................


i need group 2 study material can send me ebooks my mailid :


I have an interview for the post of Assistant Central Intellegence Officer on 29 Oct.2010. How much time does it take to informe us about the result?


Hi All can anybody send me group-2 study material to my id- and plz let me know when should i buy the current affairs material...


Can any body send the Contact phone no.s or Address for Groups Audio cds


I did my MS in Automotive Engineering & B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. Am planing to write APPSC Group-II exam for Motor vehicle Inspector post. So does any one got previous exam papers related to above mentioned subjects. You can mail me at


Hi friends.I am parveen.I want to know how to present our answer in group 1 mains.can any body know please answer me.I am searching for this for so many months


Hi Friends., Kindly tell me about some best institutes for Group-2., and if U have any related info about this Question please give me at ThanQ


hi This is Ashok i applied for Group 2 in october 2009 notification :38/2008 and SUPPLEMENTARY NOTIFICATION NO. : 11/2009,i would like to know when will be the exam?


iam studying bpharmacy 3rd year now . iam prepare group2 so please tell me how to prepare group2&when the next notification declere please tell me details to my email


Hi Friends warm greetings i hope many preparing for AMVI kindly share Known question papers and the same i will share to u all once i found


which is the best institute in vizag of group 2


Hai sir....I belong to zone2 ie.WG,EG,krishna districts.But my husband is working in hyd in TCS.So problem is if i get selected in group2 selections is there chance for me to get posting in zone6 in or near to hyd.


hi i need group 2 material.If any body have send it to me.MAIL