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APPSC AllOther Interview Questions
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Which of the following countries banned child labour recently? (1) France (2) China (3) Japan (4) USA

1 1889

Where was the Third Ministerial Conference of the WTO held ? (1) Davos (2) New york (3) Seattle (4) Tokyo

1 2203

How many military coups has Pakistan suffered so far? (1) Three (2) Five (3) Four (4) Two

1 2081

Who won the Nobel Prize for Economics for the year 1999? (1) Daniel T. Tsui (2) Robert Mundell (3) Robert B. Laughlin (4) Amartya Sen

1 2734

Indian citizens need a passport to visit (1) Bhutan (2) Nepal (3) Sikkim (4) Sri Lanka

1 3043

General Pervez Musharraf designated himself as (1) President of Pakistan (2) Prime Minister of Pakistan (3) Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan (4) Martial Law Administrator of Pakistan

1 2707

Who of the following has been appointed the Prime Minister of Nepal four times? (1) Girija Prasd Koirala (2) B.P. Koirala (3) M.P. Koirala (4) K.P. Bhattarai

1 2123

During his tour of India, the US President, Bill Clinton, did not raise the issue of (1) Restraint (2) Respect for LoC (3) Signing of the CTBT (4) Settlement of the Kashmir dispute within the UN Framework

1 1954

The last of the Chinese-inhabited territories yet to be untied with the People’s Republic of China is (1) Hong Kong (2) Macao (3) Taiwan (4) Sinkiang

1 2081

Which of the following did not support the Rabri Devi Government installed in March 2000 in Bihar (1) RJD (2) Indian National Congress (3) CPI (4) CPI (M)

1 1721

Who of the following was the first to be elected to the Rajya Sabha from a state other than his / her own? (1) Manmohan Singh (2) I.K. Gujral (3) Pranab Mukherji (4) Sushma Swaraj

1 2074

Karmapa is the head of (1) the Gelugpa set of Buddhism (2) the Kargyupa sect of Buddhism (3) the Zen sect of Buddhism (4) the Theravada sect of Buddhism

1 2083

The Ranbir Sena is (1) A Naxalite faction (2) A private army of landlords (3) A group of Bhudan activists (4) An NGO

2 2360

Strike the odd one out. (1) Harkat-ul-Mujahiddin (2) JKLF (3) Lashkar-e-Toiba (4) Taliban

2 3481

Which of the following cities is regarded as a ‘holy’ place by three major religions ? (1) Athens (2) Jordan (3) Lhasa (4) Varanasi

1 2272

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Un-Answered Questions { APPSC AllOther }

where can v get group II material in english, is it posssible 2 prepare 4 this exam in english.


i got 290 marks in polytechnic lecturers written test ,i belongs BC-A category in zone IV.shall i expect any others BC-A candidates marks


Sir hai dis is veereshreddy and i am a govt employee(sa maths) plz send me aso syllabus to my Id veeres Sir plz send me aso syllabus


hello sir pls tell me the interview for polytechnic lecturers in mathematics(i.e syllabus)


please any one tell me that what is pay scale for group 4 and other allowances of group4.


at what time period voter i.d's are introduced in india


I am preparing for APSRTC Officers under training,i would like to know the syllabus for this post's written test also Suggest me the reference books for Managerial Aptitude, General Knowledge, General English. Kindly send reply to my mail id


what is the expected cutoff marks for APPSC GROUP4 in warangal? and how many posts vacant for group4. I got 208 marks in Group4 final key...if include cancelled questions i'm getting 215 MALE there any chance getting job..?


what r the powers and duties of a divisional accounts officer?


hi i want previous question papers of govt.polytechnic letureres plz forward to mail


I have completed B.Sc BZC but appsc asked for the post of Extension Officer Gr.I qualification BZC Home science so am I eligible for that post


sir i want to write group 1 examination plz tell me the when will the group 1 prelims conduct


Hello Every one, I have started to prepare for group1 exam, but I just needed a clarification; Can i clear group 2 with the help of group1's preparation? Please help.


which book i am reffer the sub inspetor of police examination sir pls tell


What is the cut off marks for GROUP VI which is held on 3rd october. Iam expecting 211 ( as perthe key released by Sakshi newspaper) Can i expect interview call.