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APPSC AllOther Interview Questions
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Who was the most famous king among the Salankayanas? (a) Deva varma (b) Hasti Varma, contemporary of Samudra Gupta dynasty (c) Jaya varma (d) None

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Founder of the Salankayanas dynasty was: (a) Deva Varma (b) Hasti Varma (c) Madhava Varma (d) None

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Chief deity of the dynasty was (a) Lord Vishnu (b) Chitraradha Swamy (Surya) (c) Lord Siva (d) None

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The Vishnukundins originated from: (a) Rajamundry (b) Amaravathi (c) Jaggaiah peta (d) Vinukonda (Guntur Dist.)

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Founder of the dynasty was: (a) Govinda Varma I (b) Madhava Varma (c) Jaya Varma (d) None

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The greatest king among the Vishnukundins was: (a) Madhava Varma I (b) Govinda Varma II (c) None

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Who among the Vishnukundins was defeated by the King of Kanauz? (a) Madhava Varma I (b) Govinda Varma I (c) Govinda Varma II (570-590) (d) None

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Founder of dynasty was: (a) Kanadana (b) Damodara Varma (c) Attivarma (d) None

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Which was their capital: (a) Rajamundry (b) Kandara pura (c) Addanki (d) None

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Who invaded the Andhra country by coming from the north? (a) Harsha (b) Samudra Gupta (c) Ashoka (d) None

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Which religion dominated during 220-600 A.D. (a) Saivism (b) Vaishnavism (c) Mahayana Buddhism during the reign of Ikshvakus (d) Both B & C

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Chief characteristic feature of Mahayana Buddhism was: (a) Worshipping the idole of Buddha (b) No idolworship (c) Belief in the existence of God (d) None

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Which dynasty performed more ‘Yagnas’: (a) The dynasty of Vakatakas (b) The dynasty of Vishnukundins (c) Both A & B (d) None

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Famous educational centers during 220-600 A.D. were : (a) Kanchi (b) Nagarjuna Konda (c) Both A & B (d) None

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The subjects that were taught in the famous educational centers were: (a) The Vedas and the puranas (b) Logic and grammer (c) Politics and Astrology (d) All the three

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could you pls send me the previous question papers of jr. lecturer physics papers ?


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what r the powers and duties of a divisional accounts officer?


please tell me Group-2 REFERENCE BOOKS


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What is the cut off marks for GROUP VI which is held on 3rd october. Iam expecting 211 ( as perthe key released by Sakshi newspaper) Can i expect interview call.


do mca with NET qualification is eligible to apply DEGREE LECTURERS in COMPUTER science Stream. i Know that MCA candidiate can apply to COMPUTER APPLICATIONS. but what about COMUPTER SCIENCE please give clear information regarding this.