Internet EBusiness Interview Questions
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What PeopleSoft Internet E-Business?

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How many primary components make up the E-Business Suite and name them?

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E-Business Suite Architecture has many other components aside from the primary components, what are some of the other components which is part of the E-Business Suite Architecture?

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Why does Oracle recommend running the concurrent processing node on the application tier?

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Recommended by Oracle, what is the suggested number of tiers the architecture should have and why?

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What configuration takes place when the Concurrent Processing Nodes are load balanced?

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Difference between APPL_TOP directory and the COMMON_TOP directory?

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What is ATP? What support does the ATP provide?

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Why does Oracle use Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN)?

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If after cloning, all of the concurrent managers did not start, how would you resolve the issue?

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A concurrent program starts to run based on what criteria?

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When the priority of a concurrent request is set; who is responsible for setting up the concurrent request, and by using what user profile option?

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How many life cycle stages or phases does a concurrent request have? Name the stages?

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The startup threshold for concurrent managers is defined by which two profile options?

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What is OAM, and what does this application provide?

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What do you know about internet security?


How ping works?


When setting up a profile option, most profiles use the security hierarchy type. What are the four levels at which these profile options can be set at going from the lowest level, to the highest level?