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SAP Security Interview Questions
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How will you find list of transport request which are scheduled in system ?

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How to transport a T-code into Production?


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1).what is the diff b/w adding the tcode in s_tcode authorization object and addind the tcode inmenu tab of pfcg? 4) What is the difference between Owner, Controller and Administrator in Firefighter? 2) Can you tell me why do you use S_TABU_DIS authorization object? 3) Explain How do you restrict a particular table acces then? 5)In RAR ,What are the default Back ground Jobs? 6)Which job will update all user master records? 7)What will happen whenever we execute a t-code? 8)What is the purpose of the report RSUSR006? 9) Lets say a user is locked by admin? What value will you see in USR02 table and in UFLAG column? 10) What will you do if the user complains that he is not able to access a t-code? 11)why we have to delete users ? 12)a. What is Direct role assignment and indirect role assignment? b. What is the process of adding a t-code to an existing role? c. If client asked you to modify a role directly in PRODUCTION for emergency? Is it possible? What you will do in that situation? d. What is the purpose of customized Transaction codes? Have you created any custom t-codes? 13)


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Which transaction should not be given to BASIS and DEV team in Production?



If we delete a Role can we transport it, if yes then how?


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Tables so far used?


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SU25 Step6 How Roles are created through Profiles?


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If SU53 screenshot does not give anything then How will you find the solution? If there is no relevant Role , then How?


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If user says he don’t have authorization then how to proceed?


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Support types of WOs you have faced?



What do you mean by Role Remediation?


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Difference between SE01, SE10 & SE09?


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What do you mean by SOX and Gxp?


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Through CTS how we come to know the Role?


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Can we delete a Role and transport it?Explain How?


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How would you do the 'a user logge into production system, changes a table and logged out'. How would you track him?


When would you update a sap table directly? What precautions would you taje?


Which transaction should not be given to BASIS and DEV team in Production?


what does user compare do in sap security?


What authorization are required to create and maintain user master records?


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How to codify for an Item in SAP? How many digits are required for an item?


What happens to change documents when they are transported to the production system?


Mention different tabs available in pfcg?


What is the use of role templates?


Mwhat is the maximum number of profiles in a role and maximum number of object in a role?


1) Explain different type of Users? Explain specifically Service User? 2) Difference between System and Communication User?Explain in Context of Profile Parameter? 3) There are 5 systems say BI, SOLMAN, CRM, PI, SRM etc etc. Which system will act as a satellite system in CUA and Why? HOw CUa system works? 4) State different types of Transactions & Tables in Strutural Authorization Profile in HR Security? 5) What is L0 , L1 , L2 , L3 , L4 code called in HR Security? 6) What fields are required to create Strutural Authorization Profile in HR Security? State significance of Evaluation Path? 7) What is Structural Authorization Profile in HR Security? When required Role has already been assigned to User then why Structural Authorization Profile is required by user? 8) How are structural Authorization Profile are created? 9) Important Authorization Object in HR Security? 10) Fields in P_ORGIN A.O? 11) Important infotypes and What is PA? 12) How access is provided for tables to user? Significance of Authorization Group in TDDAT table? 13) Difference between SU22 and SU24? 14) Explain Authorization Structure? 15) Which table stores the Authorization Object of a User? 16) What we do to keep Roles consistent in DEV QAS and PRD? 17) A User has create and display access? Will he have access to change as well? 18) How User can have access to view salary slip of other employees(HR Security)?Explain in detail. 19) In HR security does we add Employee ID anywhere in Roles? 20) Any issue you have faced while Transport? 21) Have you faced any issue in Upgrade? Expalain how to compare Roles from older version of SAP to new version of SAP? 22) Any typical issue you have resolved in HR Security?


What does the item category specify in a purchasing order in SAP Materials Management?


What is a derived role?


What are pfud t-codes used for?