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SAP BW (Business Warehouse) Interview Questions
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How do you install BW statistics?

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What is SUMGT?

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What is the use of change log?

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Define an info set?

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What is a pre-calculated web template?

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What is the option ?default chains??

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What happens when you use several conditions in a query?


What is the optional size of the aggregates?

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What are the advantages of using ODS in a infoset for reporting?

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How do you add an entry in the monitor log from the update rules?


What is global transfer rule?

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What is a characteristic in CO-Pa?

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Define a remote cube?

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What is NDIV0?

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Can you compare the CO-PA to an info cube?

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What is aggregate hierarchy?


What is data ware-housing hierarchy?


How will you configure BW to load data from data stages?


What are the web related tuning we can do?


What is occurence


What are the enhancements one can do in SAP MM,PP,SD, modules while extracting the data?


Define the steps necessary to set up CO-PA for BW?


can any one give me a senario for generic data source extraction? why u go for infosets and multiproviders ? give me a senario for each? what is time stamp, calday, numpt? what is safty intervels, y we set lower lt and upper lt?


Will customers continue to receive support for older versions of sap bw?


How do you install business content AWB?


What are the data loading tuning one can do?


What are the do?s and don?ts?


How would you do the optimizing the dimensions


Tell something you know about the dimension in the warehouse and how it can be optimized?


What is the calculated key figure?