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Anatomy Interview Questions
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What is the response to microglia infected with HIV?

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What is the survival time for an erythrocyte?

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What pathognomonic change is seen in neutrophils of a person who is Folate or vitamin B12 deficient?

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What percentage of leucocytes exist as eosinophils in the blood?

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What percentage of leucocytes exist as neutrophils in the blood?

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What percentage of leucocytes in blood are monocytes?

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What process occurs when type I pneumocytes are damaged?

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What substance in eosinophilic granules is primarily responsible for defense against helminths and protozoan infections?

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Where is the site of maturation of T lymphocytes?

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Which cell type constituitively secretes pulmonary surfactant?

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Which cell type lines the alveoli?

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Which leukemia is the result of plasma cell neoplasm?

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Which type of hypersensitivity reaction is a mast cell involved in?

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Which type of immunity do B cells exhibit?

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After arising from the floor of the primitive pharynx, where does the thryoid diverticulum go?

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Which nerve root is associated with the platella reflexes?


name the structures passing through juglar foramen.


Which hormones are produced by kidneys?


A patient cannot supinate his hand, but has intact feeling-- which portion of the brachial plexus was severed?


What do you mean by homeostatic imbalance?


What does serous membrane do?


Explain the anatomy of a human brain?


What does the psychic phase do?


Explain the brown-sequard syndrome?


After recuperating from a gunshot wound to the buttocks resulting from a hunting accident, your patient exhibits a positive Trendelenburg's sign. Explain.


What is a structure consisting of 2 or 3 tissues called as?


Human anatomy and physiology


Explain the turner's syndrome?


A baby is born with spina bifida. Explain what happened or didn't happen developmentally? How might this defect have been prevented?


How many systems are there in a human body? Name them.