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Operating Systems General Concepts Interview Questions
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Write a function that responds to a click anywhere on the page by displaying an alert dialog. Display the event name if the user held Shift during the mouse click. Display the element name that triggered the event if the user held Ctrl during the mouse click.


What is an interrupt? How are multiple interrupts dealt with?

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Explain the difference between a MONOLITHIC KERNAL and a MICROKERNAL?

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List reasons why a Mode switch between threads may be cheaper than a Mode switch between processes.

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What is the difference among deadlock avoidance, detection and prevention?

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What items of information about a task might be useful in real time scheduling?


Discuss some of the reasons for implementing process migration ?

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How is the process address space handled during process migration?

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What is 2 tier and 3 tier?

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Why is mapping required? Computer 'Paging' & 'Segmentation'.

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Give the disadvantages of Havander's Strategies.


What do you mean by Belady's Anomaly. - Describe with example.


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Discuss the various function of OS.

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Give a brief discussion on schedulers & Dispatchers with respect to process management.

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how to disable screensaver on ovation OS engineering station?

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What is ie tab in chrome?


How often should I run chkdsk?


How do I search in terminal?


What are merits and demerits of systems supporting multiple file structure and systems supporting a stream of bytes?


Define max, min heap and search time of heap.


What are the basic functions of file management in os?


What are the different synchronization mechanisms?


Distinguish between PCS and SCS scheduling.


What are a trap and trapdoor?


What is a layered approach and what is its advantage?


Will chkdsk delete my files?


What is readers-writers problem?


Is safari the same as internet explorer?


Can you tell what a device is by mac address?


How long should a chkdsk r take?