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Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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When you will deploy Fibre Channel SAN instead of iSCSI SAN?


List the comparison between FC and FCOE?


What is use of SCSI-ID?

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What is the difference between HBA, CNA and NIC?

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What is the most critical component in SAN?

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What are two formats of WWN defined by the IEEE?


How to delete duplicates records in teradata without any tables....? with only one single query,,,?


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hai dis is lavanya... i want to do certification in testing. what are the names of the books tat i have to refer for the certification...

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hi, everyone who answers my que this is prasad i have done in 2010 and i have done testing course and also written istqb certificate but when i attend any interview they are only looking for exp people so i thought to keep fake of one year and my % in is also some what less its 58. so, if i keep the fake i don't know the real time experience and what should i mention in my resume if i go for manual testing side and some basic terminology that software companies uses.. plz help me out

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when we need testing

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hey guys ... since i have just started my career i need to know whether testing has a good career or not .. ?


What type of testing is preffered by many companies like Manual or Automation testing


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Class diagram equals to which of the following diagram?

CTS, Wipro,

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Which table achieves data from landing table?


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Send me the interview questions

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Is there any working in siebel testing if so plz discuss some scenarios in siebel testing as iam preparing 4r the intrv it may be very useful to me...My mail Id I wud appreciate the guys and guls whoever helpme..Plz get back to my Id and gv sm tips... Cheers,


Draw the Framework Architecture of Selenium RC with combination of Selenium webdriver?


Explain automated testing?


What is benchmark?


How can I get free .NET add-in for QTP9.2. What is the process to install any add-in?


What does a typical test report contain? What are the benefits of test reports?


What is test result analyzer?


What is a document version?


Explain what is 'test plan driven' or 'key word driven' method of testing?


What is difference between SAN and NAS? How SAN is better than NAS?


What does cots represent?


Explain how you would allocate a task to team members?


Tell me about the risk-based testing.


What is integration testing in software testing?


Test Items and Feature To Be Tested for calculator