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Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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What is Unit Testing?

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Hi, I want to write ISTQB exam. Can anybody send me the material regarding this.


HI Any one can guide me What is database testing ? And How will do it . Please refer me any site or document to know more abt data base testing.


What do you think is the perfect test management system for test service vendors like me?

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Please anyone guide where i can get the questions on Rational Test Real Time testing tool. Because i have to write exam on RTRT.


I am asked to create Usability testing methodology document, basically listing the Procedures & methodology to/for: a. Entry criteria Exit criteria for usability test b. Deliverables d. Methods of doing Reviews and inspection e. Methods of Reporting f. at which testing phase usability testing is done in v model Is there any sample document/template available on Internet? Any help will be greatly appreciated.



If anyone is having ISTQB certification study materials,please send to


If you have an application, but you do not have any requiremnts available, then how would you perform the testing


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could u tell me from where could i get material for ISTQB foundation level exam..and how can I prepare for mail id

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Hi can any one please tell me about firmware testing and test harness please

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What is the difference between model based testing and state transition testing? Or are they the same?


What is RC update and BRIO?


Hello All, I am from Networking background, and i am intending to give the ISTQB Foundation level certification. May i request you to help me with the following: 1)Is it possible to give this exam with out practical knowledge? 2) What is the success rate of people passing? I know one of my fried, a test lead, who failed last time. 3) Can you please share the latest material to my email id "" ? 4) Any suggestions that you may like give? Regards, Naveem B

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hi can u say real time issues in load runner?


I Want To Join Infrasoft Technologies,what is the Procedure To Join The Company?



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What is meant by Regression testing? Differentiate Sanity and Regression testing?


repeated testing of an already tested program, after modification, to discover any defects introduced or uncovered as a result of the changes in the software being tested or in another related or unrelated software component:


Explain validation?


What is boundary value?


Evidence of your ability to quickly learn a new application or technology with proof of the effective role you played in the subsequent release of the software to a user/market.


How do you verify the test results and how do you proceed when you do not get the expected results?


Examples where you have worked on your own and as part of a team.


To test a function, what has to write a programmer, which calls the function to be tested and pass test data.


Explain failure?


What is open box testing?


What is cause-and-effect (fishbone) diagram?


What do you mean by automated testing?


During the testing of a module tester, 'x' found a bug and assigned it to a developer. But developer rejects the same, saying that it's not a bug. What 'x' should do?


What is a software version?


In MSBI also we need to write test cases please tell me because iam new to msbi