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Automation Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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what we have done after display the result in openSTA result the sense that how we send the report,what we send in report,how to know that where is error.quickly tell me the answer...please


Our QA department is on a look out for a system or a tool which lets our QA head monitor the overall test process and also monitor individual team members progress. Any suggestions please?

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Anyone have idea of jmeter.IF so pls contact to this mail id


Is there any freeware tool for automation testing of mobile applications for BlackBerry and iPhone platforms ?


ihave one doubt in manual testing? what is the testing process


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In Selenium how a test suit is run and report is generated.


In Selenium how a test suit is run and report is generated.


Hi every body.. Whn i install QC 9.2 in window xp sp2 it ll show the error msg as it will nt support. How can i install in this OS.. Plz plz help me and i installed IIS and oracle 8i.. Plz Plz help me for this one

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how many steps in functional testing?


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what are categories in step generator?

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how to re-install QTP 11.0 trial version


in my application i am getting different errors at same place. how i capture that errors using less code in qtp.


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On Test Complete I recorded some keyword test. while I'm running the batch test, if one test case failed, then how test complete skip the failed test case and again continue to run the test case? please provide some way to resolve this issue.



Hi All! Am new to Selenium and would really appreciate your help writing test cases for the following scenario: 1. Manually create 2 logins User A and User B on say, or 2. Have User A invite User B as a friend. 3. Have User B accept the friend request. 4. Have User A post a comment on his own profile. 5. Have User B post a reply to that comment. 6. Each User logs out of his respective account. 7. Do not use Selenium IDE. 8. Use Selenium RC and Java.


can any one please tell me QTP 9.2 supports which version of IE and Mozilla firefox.


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How to check if an element is visible on the page?


why we cannot apply check points in compile modules?


Tell us how could you explain the main difference between webdriver and rc?


How will you automate basic “login” functionality test cases for an application?


Hi, here r some questions, which were asked in Ekaplus, plz process these questions. 1. How we connect with the version?


If i am doing the automation of test suites in a project. Then what will be the system interfaces for that?? The tools I am using or something else... please help..!!


Give some examples for defect management tools?


When is automation testing useful?


why should we choose VSTET(Visual Studio Team Edition for Testers) and not QTP?pleas give me the reasons for "WHY" we have web and client server app, supports power builder and on windows OS so this is the background of tech and envir things we have and now VSTET is good to use or not? if "NO" then tell me why


How to integrate Rational functional Tester with Rational Quality manager. Can anyone provide the details steps giving explaination with examples.


Types of F/w in Automation


is anybody suggest me which one is the best testing institute in ameerpet hydrabad


How software testing is handled?


What is test driven development?


What is the difference between continue and next sentence?