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Automation Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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What are principles of good testing scripts for automation?


What tools are available for support of testing during software development life cycle?


Can the activities of test case design be automated?


What are the limitations of automating software testing?

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How to find that tools work well with your existing system?


Describe some problem that you had with automating testing tool.

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What are the main attributes of test automation?


What testing activities you may want to automate in a project?

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How to find that tools work well with your existing system?


What are some of the common misconceptions during implementation of automated testing tools for the first time?

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pls suggest me a good institute for loadrunner in hyderabad also what about a practice project?

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How t o create Libreary files on QTP

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Hi Friends, I'm testing a SharePoint application by QTP 8.2 I face a problem that really difficult to me, please take a look on the description below: As you may know, SharePoint is an application is allow customize function from user, so that, user can add many web parts and put at any place they like. For ex: if there are two web parts existing in the SharePoint site When I using QTP to recognize a Web Table on any web part, it has the properties as "Index" and "html tag" only. Problem is: If there is any user changes the display of my web part, the "Index" of Web table is changed as well, so that QTP cannot identify exactly my object. Can anyone help me how to make that object as unique or another way to identify that web table object? Hope to receive many solutions from you. Thanks a lot.


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plz explain QTP real time work( Means where you store scripts and how u access scripts next day? where those activities we are maintaining, If By usig VSS how the process in going on , plz explain briefly?



Which institute is good for testing tools course in HYD?


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What kinds of annotations are used in testng?


How automation process is carried out?


how to write ciertification in QTP?


Explain me what are the main advantages of automation testing?


What kind of tests should not be automated?


Tell us how can you find if an element is displayed on the screen?


What are the advantages of manual testing and automated testing?


Tell us what automation tools could be used for post-release validation with continuous integration?


How to check if an element is visible on the page?


I want to learn the data base testing, how can I start my psactice? I already reading the books of basic for data base? If any other books that make my study simple please suggest.


How do select which automation testing tool is the best for you?


What are the different types of locks in mainframe?


1. How would you Test & then automate an antivirus application? 2. How would u test & automate windows screen saver? (expected: "test scenarios" & "test approch": points)


On what basis you can map the success of automation testing?


Please explain what is the difference between findelement () and findelements ()?