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ISDN Interview Questions
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What is the call termination message called?

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What information also accompanies this message?

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Why is this information significant?

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What must each SETUP message contain?

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How many filters can be applied to a SETUP message?

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What call type is given to a fax call coming from an analogue network?

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A fax machine is configured to filter for analogue calls - will it accept G3 Fax calls? No, it will only accept those calls whose call type is specifically 'Generic Analogue'.

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What filters are used when implementing MSN?

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Number of devices equals number of subscriber numbers required for MSN - true or false?

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How might a PC be configured to ensure it never answers the phone?

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Why is rate adaptation necessary?

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What are the two protocols which perform rate adaptation?

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What determines which of these two protocols to use?

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Where else is rate adaptation employed?

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What other method is there for converting synchronous and asynchronous data?

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What Bearer Capabilities are and on which channel they reside?


Bearer Capabilities - What are they?


How Analogue fax and modem over ISDN?


What item of equipment would be required to connect a modem to ISDN? A terminal adapter.


How to Establish the Link Layer?


What is ISDN's history?


How the structures of BRI and PRI compare


How ISDN and analogue networks interact?


What are SPIDs?


What is LAP-D?


How ISDN allows multiple devices to share a single line?


What is the Frame Format ?


How to vary the the amount of bandwidth you have available to you?


How can I get more information?


How the B and D channels share the line?