SQL Server Interview Questions
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What is the default isolation level of the sql server database?

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Consider the table T1 it consits A,2,3,4 consider another table t2 it contain 1,2a,3a,4a now i need o get the upadted answer

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Comment,Datatypes are unlimited



what is mean by constraints in sql?

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What is dataset and its uses

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How to fetch records from a One to Many relationship table. eg: wanna get details of all orders for a specific customer. (do not want repeatation of master table records for child table records)

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How to change location of errorlog in SQL?


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check, not null,unique


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syntex of insert

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statement (of account) Receive ID_receive Date_receive Amount_receive TO_receive From_receive Description_receive 1 2010/01/01 500 Bank Ahmed Payment from the account 2 2010/02/01 700 Bank Ahmed Payment from the account Payment ID_payment Date_payment Amount_payment From_payment To_payment Description_payment 1 2010/03/01 1000 Ahmed Sales Sale goods 2 2010/04/01 1500 Ahmed Sales Sale goods How can crate Stored Procedures for the statement (of account) from these tables? I want statement (of account) like this: (in sql 2005) ID_ name description debit account credit account balance

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can i write function in stored procedure and stored procedure in function and nested procedure.Give one example for each question?

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what is package configuration variable?How to change file name in folder dynamically?Plz help me

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How to truncate a table first before running a package?

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what is joins please explain breffly ??

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What is the difference between Procedure and Function

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Why we need to use secondry database file? though, we can do same work using primary database file also.


This question asked during interview, 2) At the end of each month, a new table is created for each bank that contains monthly metrics consolidated at the account level. The table naming convention is bankX_YYYYMM where X represents the numeric designation of the bank and YYYYMM indicates the 4 digit year and 2 digit month. The tables contain the following fields: name data type description account text account number registered boolean indicates whether the account is registered num_trans integer number of transactions made during the time period spend numeric(9,2) total spend during the time period a) Write a SQL query that will display the total number of transactions and total spend for "Bank1" during the 4th quarter of 2009. b) Write a SQL query that will display the total number of transactions and total spend at "Bank1" and "Bank2", broken out by registered vs. non-registered accounts, during January 2010 not sure what is correct answer and how to solve?


How do we upgrade from SQL Server 6.5 to 7.0 and 7.0 to 2000?


how to use DTS package in 2000,2005,2008 in sql server


Hi all, can any one please tell me the difference between sql server 2008 and orace 9i


Hi, I Created 3 Tables Person(PersID[prkey],Name,Email,Password), Project(ProjName,ProjID[prkey],ProjLeader,ProjManager) & ProjectInvolvement(EntryDate,ProjID[frkey],PersID[frkey],ProjDuration). For this how can i INSERT,UPDATE & DELETE Through PROCEDURE? Please Post the Answer for me. Desai.


Explain Capacity planning to create a database? and how to monitor it?


last function used in MS Access to convert sql what function will use in sql




how can you attach more than 20 ldf files in sql server


in a table is b in column k (manikanta,sivananda,muralidhar) i want result like (mnikanta,sivnanda,murlidhar) please slove it


1.what are diff types of joins , and explain diff between cross join and full outer join 2.diff types of views 3. Diff types of index 4. What is diff b/w stores procedure and function procedure 5.diff between double and int in SQL 6.diff between char and varchar in SQL. 7.Oracle or SQL whice you will preferred and why.


1. Tell me your daily activities 2. If sql server installation fails at time installation what will do 3. Where does the sql server installation log details are stored 4. After the installation what will you do for memory configuration 5. What is the difference between SQL max maximum memory and AWE memory 6. How will you configure AWE memory 7. How will setup an email alert for the backup job 8. After the SQL installation what are the jobs will you configure 9. What does –g mean in the sql startup parameter 10. What is the difference between Bulked log and Full recovery model 11. What is the difference between mirroring and log shipping 12. What are the steps to be followed before in-place up gradation 13. After installing the patch the sql server does not start and application team tells to rollback the changes .In this scenario what will you do


after migrating the dts packg to ssis by using migrtn wizrd in 2005. iam not able to open ssis pack and getting error. what r those errors? how to resolve?


what is isolation level at dead lock?