SQL Server Interview Questions
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Can Having clause be used without Group by clause?

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What is Fragmentation and Defragmentation? For 32GB Table,How can we do the fragmentation?

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Define Check points and End Points?

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How to know whether our backup is succesfully taken?

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What is a Lock and let me know Different types of locks?

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What is a Trace frag?Where can we use this?

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How many .ndf files can we create in Sql server 2005?


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How to Create Login and User through query in Sql server 2005.and also how to delete Login and User through query?

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What is Schema? and why we use schemas?

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How do you Implement SSIS Packages in your Project?


Explain Different types of Projects?

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What is data modeling and Reterminal integrity?


How to restore performance issues and how to check?


Tell about MOM Tool(Microsoft Operator Manager)?


Please tell me some knowledge about Clustering and how to add clustering?

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how can you attach more than 20 ldf files in sql server


Suppose i have a table that contains 5 columns like col1,col2...colm5.I want to import only two column through BCP utility.How to do same through BCP in sybase.


i have made a project i vb.net n created a .exe of it after installing it in to any pc, the database (sql express) is not geting accesed i.e the aplication cuts the link of the database, so plz help in this matter.


What is the difference between MVC and Teir Architecher? Plz explain with Layyered Programming example...? Thanks


What is the difference between online clustering and Offline clustering?


plss anybody specify tha constrian management system in dbms


wat wil hapn if we give the both read and deny read permission to user?


code to create procedure for taking databse backup in sql server or i have the query for it but what it's query returns means i want to show on my jsp that the databse backup has been taken on the basis of that return value.does it returns 0 or 1.wat is the code for that


Explain Capacity planning to create a database? and how to monitor it?


How to Improve the performencs of SQL Server 2005 exclude stored Procedure and Indexes?


How we create SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services ? Give me Sample


my name is sejal I have cleared the sbi clerk exam. I am BCA graduate My favorite subject RDBMS Relational database management system. so please send me rRDBMS related interview questions


What is Fragmentation and Defragmentation? For 32GB Table,How can we do the fragmentation?


Scalability, Availability, Integration with internet, etc.)?


your distribution database is full what will u do