SQL Server Interview Questions
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syntax for deleting the database in T SQL

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How are SQL Server databases physically stored under Windows 2000?

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internal language used in sql server 2000?

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What types of integrity are enforced by a foreign-key constraint

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How do you find the error, how can you know the number of rows effected by last SQL statement?

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Which virtual table does a trigger use?

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Name three version of sql server 2000 and also their differences?

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Is it possible to allow NULL values in foreign key? I s it possible to use different constraints for the same column in the table (i.e) (id int NOT NULL,UNIQUEUE)

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can you any body tell me which service pack is installed in the sql server?

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can you any body tell me the how to decrease the logfile

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I Have Employee table having column name as ID,SALARY how to get second max salary from employee table with id ex ID SALARY 1 20000 7 37000 2 5000


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employee table has employee id ----------- empid ---------------- 1 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 here the values r repeated two times.how to select the repeated values only.i.e 3,5,6 should alone come.

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what is difference between having and where clause ?

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Accidentally i deleted my table. How can i get that table?

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how can i view structure of table in sql server? tell me that query.

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If we delete pack Spec what will be the status of pack Body ?


What is the difference between online clustering and Offline clustering?


application server is slow what may be the problem


role of sql sever 2005 in database rather than any other database


You are doing log shipping due to some reasons it is failing. How you will proceed from there


Why we need to use secondry database file? though, we can do same work using primary database file also.


I have a table Events Events containing cardno,time,id,name--each id has a cardno my requirement is every day each employee swipe the card several times i want to calculate first and last time of each card the output should be name 1 2 6 7 in out in out holiday holiday xxx 09:30 06:30 09:40 06:45 where 1,2...... are dates for example january 1,2, etc. 6 and 7 are saturday and sunday how it is posssible


Comment,Datatypes are unlimited


How to trouble shoot if unable to connect SQL Server


hi, how to link a text file and a .rpt file in my tables of sql server and to retrieve those records for further use. reply me as soon as possible.


SQL Server Architecture ?


what exactly sql injuction.how to overcome.....


plss anybody specify tha constrian management system in dbms


how to take backup bcp out for a column in table in sql server?


what is difference between view and Dip.